Error descriptions

This section lists the error codes returned by the Management API.

Error format

    "errors" : [ {
        "error_type" : error_type ,
        "message" : string ,
        "location" : string 
    }, ... ],
    "code" : int ,
    "message" : string 
errorsList of errors that occurred.
codeHTTP status.
error_typeType of error.
messageReason for the error.
locationPlace where the error occurred.

Error codes

Error codeDescription
backend_error (503)Server error.
invalid_parameter (400)Invalid parameter set.
not_found (404)The specified object was not found.
missing_parameter (400)A required parameter was omitted.
access_denied (403)Access denied.
unauthorized (401)Unauthorized user.
quota (429)Exceeded the limit on the number of API requests.
query_error (400)Request is too complex.
conflict (409)Data inconsistency.
invalid_json (400)The transmitted JSON has an invalid format.