Uploading events

Uploads information about events.


The Post API allows you to upload events that occur no earlier than 7 days from the upload date.

To bind an event to a user, you should use one of the following fields in the API request:

  • profile_id
  • appmetrica_device_id

The Post API allows you only to upload data for identifiers that were previously sent via the SDK.

Event properties can be passed in parameters or in the body of the request. When you pass data in the body, you should add .csv to the URL of the request. For more information, see Sample request.

POST /logs/v1/import/events

Request format

 ? post_api_key=<string>
 & application_id=<int>
 & profile_id=<string>
 & appmetrica_device_id=<int>
 & event_name=<string>
 & event_timestamp=<int>
 & [event_json=<json>]
 & [ios_ifa=<string>]
 & [ios_ifv=<string>]
 & [google_aid=<string>]
 & [windows_aid=<string>]
 & [os_name=<string>]
 & [os_version=<string>]
 & [device_manufacturer=<string>]
 & [device_model=<string>]
 & [device_type=<string>]
 & [device_locale=<string>]
 & [app_version_name=<string>]
 & [app_package_name=<string>]
 & [connection_type=<string>]
 & [operator_name=<string>]
 & [mcc=<int>]
 & [mnc=<int>]
 & [device_ipv6=<string>]
Query parameters
post_api_key *A token for data uploading. You can get it in the Settings section of your application.
application_id *Unique numeric identifier for the application in AppMetrica.
profile_id *User profile ID.
Attention. Do not pass the value with the appmetrica_device_id parameter. The server accepts only one of these parameters.
appmetrica_device_id *Hash from the unique identifier of the device set by AppMetrica.
Attention. Do not pass the value with the profile_id parameter. The server accepts only one of these parameters.
event_name *Event name.
event_timestamp *Time of the event in the UNIX timestamp format.
event_jsonEvent attributes in the JSON-serialized format.
ios_ifaDevice IFA.
ios_ifvDevice IFV.
google_aidGoogle AID.
windows_aidWindows AID.
os_nameThe name of the OS on the user's device. Possible values: ios | android | windows.
os_versionThe version of the operating system on the user's device.
device_manufacturerDevice manufacturer. For example, Apple, Samsung.
device_modelName of the device model For example, Galaxy S6, iPhone X.
device_typeThe device type detected by the AppMetrica service. Possible values: phone | tablet | phablet | tv | desktop | unknown.
device_localeThe language on the device. For example, en_US
app_version_nameThe app version in the format specified by the developer.
app_package_nameThe package name for Android, or the Bundle ID for iOS. For example, ru.yandex.sample.metrica.
connection_typeType of connection. Possible values: wifi | cell | unknown.
operator_nameName of the mobile operator. For example, MegaFon.
mccMobile country code. For example, 250
mncMobile network code. For example, 2
device_ipv6The IP address at the time of event, in the IPv6 format. For example, 2a02:6b8:: 40c:6676:baff:fea6:53d8, :: ffff:

*  Required

Response codes

200Data has been uploaded successfully.
403The request omitted an authorization header, or an invalid token was specified.
400One or more required parameters were missing in the request.

Sample request

POST /logs/v1/import/events.csv?post_api_key=0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ012 HTTP/1.1
Host: api.appmetrica.yandex.com
Content-Length: 540i
Connection: close

iPhone X,2a02:6b8::40c:6676:baff:fea6:53d8,phone,01234567-890a-bcde-f012-3456789abcde,com.yandex.sample.metrica,MegaFon,2,1111,"{""key"":""value_1""}",1234567890123456789,event_name_1,1234567890
iPhone X,2a02:6b8::40c:6676:baff:fea6:53d9,phone,fedcba98-7654-3210-fedc-ba9876543210,com.yandex.sample.metrica,MegaFon,2,1111,"{""key"":""value_2""}",9876543210987654321,event_name_2,1234567891