Data segmentation

AppMetrica collects and processes a large volume of information about apps and their users. To pull the desired data from the full set of statistics, you can create a segment. For example, you can use segments to get statistics for tablet users who installed the app in Russia, but now they are in the US.


A segment is created by using criteria to filter data. A filter can consist of one or more criteria. When selecting multiple criteria, you can use the “AND” and “OR” operators. If you select criteria in the same filter, the “OR” operator is applied. If you select criteria in different filters, the “AND” operator is applied.

You can save the resulting segments and use them when creating push campaigns.

Note. The option to save segments is only available to users with editing rights.

Segmentation is available in all AppMetrica reports, but the number of available filters depends on the selected report. When you switch between reports, AppMetrica applies the selected filters to the data in the new report. If any of the filter criteria can't be applied, AppMetrica displays them in the Incompatible filters section.

AppMetrica has two levels of segmentation filters:

  1. User level
  2. Report level

User level

Allows you to set criteria for sampling data that is relevant to a specific user. This includes demographic data and various attributes of the installs such as region and tracker parameters.

The following user level filters are available:

  • Demographics.
  • Installation and its attributes.
  • Event.
  • Date when the app was launched.
  • Opening a deeplink and its attributes.
  • Events of the push campaign.
  • Lifetime metrics.
  • Current values of the region, application and device attributes.
Attention. For User Acquisition, Cohort analysis, Retention analysis, and Profiles reports, only user filters are available.

Report level

Allows you to select data specific to the opened report. For example, in the Audience report (which is based on sessions) you can select the user's location, event, and the type of device used in the session during the specified period.

The following reports have report level filters:

  • Events report.
  • Sessions report.
  • Report on push campaigns.
  • Crash and error report.

Creating a segment

To create a new data segment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to one of the reports in the AppMetrica interface.
  2. Click to the right of the Segment by user with text block and select a user-level filter.
  3. Set filtering criteria: select the desired values for filtering and set the include/exclude option for the data sample.
  4. Click Apply. To save a segment, click Saved segments → Save segment.

Use the same button to add report-level filters for the corresponding reports. For example, in the Audience report, the button for adding a filter is located to the right of the by sessions with text.

Example of segmentation

Obtain session statistics with the following criteria:

  • User installed the app while located in Russia.
  • User starts the app on a tablet connected via Wi-Fi.
  • User completed the New event event while located in a different country.

Follow these steps in the AppMetrica interface:

  1. Go to the Audience report.
  2. Set the filters:
    • User-level filters:
      1. Click and then Installation → Geography of installation → Russia → Apply.
      2. Click and then Device → Device type → Tablet → Apply.
    • Report-level session filters:
      1. Click and then Event → New event → Apply.
      2. Click and then Geography → Exclude → Russia → Apply.
      3. Click and then Network → Connection type → Wi-Fi → Apply.
  3. To save a segment, click Saved segments → Save segment.

This will give you statistics about users who meet your criteria.