Methods reference

// Contains the extended startup configuration for the library.
type AppMetricaConfig = {
  apiKey: string,
  appVersion?: string,
  crashReporting?: boolean,
  firstActivationAsUpdate?: boolean,
  location: Location,
  locationTracking?: boolean,
  logs?: boolean,
  sessionTimeout?: number,
  statisticsSending?: boolean,
  preloadInfo?: PreloadInfo,
  // Android only.
  installedAppCollecting?: boolean,
  maxReportsInDatabaseCount?: number,
  nativeCrashReporting?: boolean,
  // iOS only.
  activationAsSessionStart?: boolean,
  sessionsAutoTracking?: boolean,

// Contains information for tracking pre-installed apps.
type PreloadInfo = {
  trackingId: string,
  additionalInfo?: Object,

// Contains information about the location of the device.
type Location = {
  latitude: number,
  longitude: number,
  altitude?: number,
  accuracy?: number,
  course?: number,
  speed?: number,
  timestamp?: number

// Contains possible error reasons for the requestAppMetricaDeviceID() method.
type AppMetricaDeviceIdReason = 'UNKNOWN' | 'NETWORK' | 'INVALID_RESPONSE';
// Initializes the library in an application with the extended startup configuration.
activate(config: AppMetricaConfig)

// Returns the current version of the AppMetrica library.
async getLibraryVersion(): string

// Pauses the user session.

// Sends a message about the app launching from a deeplink as a string.
reportAppOpen(deeplink: ?string = null)

// Sends an event message.
reportEvent(eventName: string, attributes: ?Object = null)

// Sends a custom error message.
reportError(error: string, reason: Object)

// Sets referral URL for app installs. This method can be used to track some traffic sources.
reportReferralUrl(referralUrl: string)

// Requests the unique AppMetrica ID (deviceID).
requestAppMetricaDeviceID(listener: (deviceId?: String, reason?: AppMetricaDeviceIdReason) => void)

// Resumes the session, or creates a new one if the session timeout has expired.

// Sends stored events from the buffer.

// Sets custom location of the device.
setLocation(location: ?Location)

// Enables/disables sending location of the device.
setLocationTracking(enabled: boolean)

// Enables/disables sending statistics to the AppMetrica server.
setStatisticsSending(enabled: boolean)

// Sets the ID of the user profile.
setUserProfileID(userProfileID?: string)

// Android only. Returns the API level of the library.
async getLibraryApiLevel(): number

Information about techniques and integration AppMetrica in the application, see the documentation for Android and iOS.