Installation and initialization

AppMetrica Xamarin is a plugin for using AppMetrica features if you are developing apps using Xamarin for Android and iOS.

The general flow of using the plugin is shown below:

The plugin is provided as projects containing the following libraries:

Connecting AppMetrica to a project

To integrate AppMetrica in your project, you need to:

  1. Download and enable the plugin libraries. There are several ways to do this:

    • Connect the projects YandexMetrica.Xamarin.PCL, YandexMetrica.Xamarin.iOSBinding and YandexMetrica.Xamarin.AndroidBinding.

    • Build and enable the libraries from the projects. After building, the libraries will be available in the directories:

      • YandexMetrica.Xamarin.PCL/bin/(Debug|Release)/YandexMetrica.Xamarin.PCL.dll
      • YandexMetrica.Xamarin.iOSBinding/bin/(Debug|Release)/YandexMetrica.Xamarin.iOS.dll
      • YandexMetrica.Xamarin.AndroidBinding/bin/(Debug|Release)/YandexMetrica.Xamarin.Android.dll
  2. Initialize the AppMetrica library using the Activate() method of the YandexMetricaImplementation class. This method also performs registration of the IYandexMetrica interface implementation.

    public static void Activate(Context context, YandexMetricaConfig config, Application app = null) {...}
    Parameter Default value Description

    Extended startup configuration. To create it, pass apiKey: YandexMetricaConfig(string apiKey)

    app null

    Allows enabling or disabling automatic app lifecycle tracking. By default, tracking is disabled.

    If this parameter takes the null value, for correct displays of sessions, use the OnPause() and OnResume() methods of the YandexMetricaImplementation class in the corresponding sections of the project

    What is the API key?

    The API key is a unique application identifier that is issued in the AppMetrica web interface during app registration.

    Make sure you have entered it correctly.

Connection examples

Examples of working with demonstration projects are shown below.

The YandexMetricaPCL library is connected. The YandexMetrica.Implementation is used for working with AppMetrica.

using System;
using YandexMetricaPCL;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace Metrica.Xamarin.CrossPlatform
    public class SharedLogic
        public static void LogClick(int clickNumber)
            var dict = new Dictionary<string, string>{ { "click", clickNumber.ToString() } };
            YandexMetrica.Implementation.ReportEvent("Click from shared logic", dict);
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API methods

IYandexMetrica interface
// Event tracking.
void ReportEvent(string message);
void ReportEvent(string message, IDictionary parameters);
void ReportError(string message, Exception exception);

// AppMetrica settings.
void SetLocation(Coordinates coordinates);
void SetLocationTracking(bool enabled);

// Information about the version of AppMetrica used.
int LibraryApiLevel { get; }
string LibraryVersion { get; }

// Force sending events from the buffer.
void SendEventsBuffer();

// Disable sending statistics.
void SetStatisticsSending(bool enabled);

// Revenue tracking.
void ReportRevenue(YandexAppMetricaRevenue revenue);

// Getting the AppMetrica device ID.
void RequestAppMetricaDeviceID(Action<String, YandexAppMetricaRequestDeviceIDError?> action);

// Setting user profile ID.
void SetUserProfileID(string userProfileID);

// Sending user profiles.
void ReportUserProfile(YandexMetricaUserProfile userProfile);
YandexAppMetricaConfig class
YandexAppMetricaConfig (string apiKey);

string ApiKey { get; private set; }
string AppVersion { get; set; }
Coordinates? Location { get; set; }
int? SessionTimeout { get; set; }
bool? CrashReporting { get; set; }
bool? LocationTracking { get; set; }
bool? Logs { get; set; }
bool? InstalledAppCollecting { get; set; }
bool? StatisticsSending { get; set; }
bool? HandleFirstActivationAsUpdate { get; set; }
YandexAppMetricaPreloadInfo? PreloadInfo { get; set; }
YandexAppMetricaConfig.Coordinates class
double Latitude { get; set; }
double Longitude { get; set; }
YandexAppMetricaPreloadInfo class
YandexAppMetricaPreloadInfo(string trackingId);
string TrackingId { get; private set; }
Dictionary<string, string> AdditionalInfo { get; private set; }
YandexAppMetricaRevenue class
YandexAppMetricaRevenue(double price, string currency)

double Price { get; private set; }
int? Quantity { get; set; }
string Currency { get; private set; }
string ProductID { get; set; }
YandexAppMetricaReceipt? Receipt { get; set; }
IDictionary Payload { get; set; }
YandexAppMetricaRevenue.YandexAppMetricaReceipt class
string Data { get; set; }
string Signature { get; set; }
string TransactionID { get; set; }
YandexMetricaUserProfile class
List<IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate> UserProfileUpdates { get; }
YandexMetricaUserProfile Apply(IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate userProfileUpdate);
YandexMetricaUserProfile ApplyFromArray(List<IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate> userProfileUpdates);
IYandexMetricaAttribute interface
IYandexMetricaBirthDateAttribute BirthDate();
IYandexMetricaGenderAttribute Gender();
IYandexMetricaNameAttribute Name();
IYandexMetricaNotificationsEnabledAttribute NotificationsEnabled();
IYandexMetricaBooleanAttribute CustomBoolean(string key);
IYandexMetricaCounterAttribute CustomCounter(string key);
IYandexMetricaNumberAttribute CustomNumber(string key);
IYandexMetricaStringAttribute CustomString(string key);
IYandexMetricaBirthDateAttribute interface
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithAge(int age);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithBirthDate(DateTime date);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithBirthDate(int year);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithBirthDate(int year, int month);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithBirthDate(int year, int month, int day);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueReset();
IYandexMetricaGenderAttribute interface
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValue(YandexMetricaGender value);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueReset();
YandexMetricaGender enumeration
IYandexMetricaNameAttribute interface
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValue(string value);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueReset();
IYandexMetricaNotificationsEnabledAttribute interface
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValue(bool value);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueReset();
IYandexMetricaBooleanAttribute interface
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValue(bool value);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueIfUndefined(bool value);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueReset();
IYandexMetricaCounterAttribute interface
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithDelta(double value);
IYandexMetricaNumberAttribute interface
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValue(double value);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueIfUndefined(double value);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueReset();
IYandexMetricaStringAttribute interface
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValue(string value);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueIfUndefined(string value);
IYandexMetricaUserProfileUpdate WithValueReset();
YandexAppMetricaRequestDeviceIDError enumeration

Information about techniques and integration AppMetrica in the application, see the documentation for Android and iOS.