S2S integration

A number of advertising networks support “server-to-server” (S2S) integration with AppMetrica. With S2S integration, ad traffic is redirected directly to the app store. In this case, the advertising network makes the “click” and calls the tracking link. This call comes from the advertising network's server.

Sending the user directly to the app store (without an additional redirect) sometimes improves the conversion rate.

For tracking to work correctly when using this method, the advertising network must make the transition using the tracking link, as the user's browser would have. In order to transmit data to the tracking URL that is necessary for app install attribution, you must add the following parameters:

device_ipYesdevice_ip= IP address of the user's device. IPv4 and IPv6 are supported
device_uaYesdevice_ua=...URL-encoded User-Agent on the user's device
click_timestampYesclick_timestamp=1453895044UTC timestamp of the click, in seconds
noredirectNonoredirect=1Notifies AppMetrica that the click should be counted without redirection to the app store. The default value is 1

You can use the additional parameters for device identification.

Sample request

GET /serve/TRACKING_ID?click_id=123456789&device_ip=

where TRACKING_ID is the ID of the tracker in AppMetrica (present in the user's tracking URL).

HTTP response code from AppMetrica for this request: 204 No Content.