Testing attribution

To make sure that the tracking is set up correctly, test the attribution work before launching the ad campaign.

For more information about attribution in AppMetrica, see Attributing app installs.

The section below describes the steps of testing the attribution:

Step 1. Add a test device

AppMetrica attributes the install of an application to a partner only once, if it is installed on the same device. All the subsequent installs of the app are registered as organic.

But for a test device, AppMetrica always registers all installs as new and attributes them to the partner. Thus, to test attribution, you need to add a test device.

You can add a test device:
  1. Install the AppMetrica app on the test device (Android | iOS).
  2. Log in and select your app from the list.
  3. Click in the upper left corner.
    1. Open Device Management and enable Attribution testing.
Note. You can also enable the reattribution option in the tracker settings for testing the tracking URL. Due to that, AppMetrica registers any installations for this tracker as new.

Don't forget to disable the reattribution option after testing.

Step 2. Click the tracking URL and install the app

  1. Send the tracking URL to the test device. For example:
    • Save the tracking URL in notes;
    • Send the tracking URL to the device via email;
    • (recommended) Put the tracking URL on a static web page. In this case, the rel attribute of the HTML link should not contain noopener noreferrer value.

    Attention. Don't use messengers to send tracking URL. Some messengers can remove AppMetrica redirects and send users directly to the app store. In AppMetrica, attribution does not work without redirects.
  2. Click the tracking URL.
  3. Install the app from the app store and launch it. After the start, use the app for a few seconds.

Step 3. Make sure the installation appeared in the report

The installation appears in a report in 5 minutes after the app is launched.

  1. Open the User Acquisition report and choose the partner that you are testing attribution for.
  2. Make sure that the number of installations for your tracker has changed.
Note. If the installation does not appear in the report immediately, wait for 10-15 minutes. This delay is possible when AppMetrica servers experience increased network load.