Getting started

Step 1. Log in

You need a Yandex account in order to use AppMetrica. If you don't have one, register.

Step 2. Add an app to AppMetrica

  1. Click Create. The Get things working page opens.

  2. Fill in the necessary information and confirm your agreement with the terms of use.

    You can create a folder for the new app. This might be helpful if you are planning to add multiple versions of the same app.

  3. Click Create.

Step 3. Integrate the AppMetrica SDK into the app

On the Settings page, note the API key. This key is required for adding the AppMetrica SDK to your app. We recommend using the same API key for the same app on different platforms.

For more information, see the instructions for adding the SDK to applications on Android, iOS, and Windows.

If integration was performed correctly, the Apps section will show statistics after some time.