A mobile app can earn revenue from ad impressions (Ad Revenue) and in-app purchases (IAP Revenue).

AppMetrica allows you to collect information about purchases in the app and track statistics in the Revenue report. For more information about sending revenue events, see Configuring sending purchase information.

Features of sending revenue in AppMetrica:

  1. Tracking metrics
  2. Currency conversion
  3. Grouping purchases
  4. Debugging sending revenue
  5. Subscription purchases in the App Store

Tracking metrics

You can use the Revenue report data to evaluate:
  • The success of new app features using the ARPU metric.
  • User reaction to price changes using the ARPPU metric.
  • Popular products in the app.
  • Geography of purchases by grouping the city.

Currency conversion

In-app purchases can be made in different currencies. For a list of all supported currencies, see Supported currencies.

AppMetrica converts the purchase price to all report currencies: USD, EUR, RUB. AppMetrica uses an exchange rate that is provided from more than 15 sources, including the European Central Bank.

AppMetrica converts the currency using the previous day rate. For example, if the purchase was made on day N, the purchase price is converted at the exchange rate of day N − 1. Conversion takes place into EUR and RUB against USD.

Attention. The AppMetrica conversion rate may not coincide with Google Play Console and iTunes Connect rates.

Grouping purchases

You can group purchases by OrderID.

For purchases with validation, OrderID cannot be set manually. It is generated automatically by Google Play Billing and StoreKit.

You can set OrderID manually for purchases without validation. It should be passed in the payload field. For more information, see Configuring sending purchase information.

If you don't pass OrderID , the AppMetrica SDK generates the ID automatically.

Debugging sending revenue

AppMetrica doesn't allow you to create segments of the “test” and “not test” purchases. To debug revenue sending, use the additional API key (Android | iOS (Objective-C) | iOS (Swift)).

Subscription purchases in the App Store

In the AppMetrica SDK, you can track subscription purchases in the App Store. They are processed as regular purchases.
Attention. To track subscription renewals, configure revenue sending for each renewal.