Custom quantization borders and missing value modes


Custom quantization borders and the method for processing missing values for the dataset features.

  • Each line contains information regarding a single border and optionally tthe missing values mode settings for the corresponding feature.
  • Different missing values mode settings can not be specified for a single feature. The value either has to be set only on one line or should be the same on different lines that contain information regarding a single feature.
  • Supported missing values modes:
    • Forbidden — Missing values are not supported, their presence is interpreted as an error.
    • Min — Missing values are processed as the minimum value (less than all other values) for the feature.
    • Max — Missing values are processed as the maximum value (greater than all other values) for the feature.
  • The missing values mode for the feature is defined by the value of the --nan-mode (nan_mode) training parameter if not specified in this file.
  • Format of a single line:
    <zero-based feature ID><\t><border value><\t><missing values mode (optional)>
The following description contains two borders for features indexed 0 and 2 and missing values settings for each of these features: