Basic information

public class CatBoostModel extends java.lang.Object implements java.lang.AutoCloseable

Basic model application methods.

Modifier and type Method Description
static CatBoostModel loadModel

Load the CatBoost model.

int getPredictionDimension

Return the dimension of the model's prediction. The value corresponds to the dimension of the vector of predictions. For example, it is equal to N for multiclassification tasks in case of N classes.

int getTreeCount

Return the number of trees in the model.

int getUsedCategoricFeatureCount

Return the number of categorical features in the model.

int getUsedNumericFeatureCount

Return the number of numerical features in the model.

CatBoostPredictions or void predict

Several methods for applying a model to different types of objects and input features.

void close

Implements the Close method of the java.lang.AutoCloseable interface. Ensures the support of the try-with-resources Java statement.