Basic information

public class CatBoostPredictions extends java.lang.ObjectCatBoost model prediction.

A wrapper that provides methods for making convenient predictions for certain classes.

CatBoostPredictions(int objectCount, 
                    int predictionDimension)

Construct the CatBoost model prediction based on the number of objects and the model prediction dimension.

Modifier and type Method Description
double or void copyObjectPredictions Copy the prediction for the specified object.
double copyRowMajorPredictions

Return a row-major copy of the prediction matrix.

double get

Return the model prediction for a particular object in a particular dimension.

int getObjectCount

Return the number of objects that contain predictions in the current instance of the class.

int getPredictionDimension

Return the dimension of the prediction. The value corresponds to the dimension of the vector of predictions. For example, it is equal to N for multiclassification tasks in case of N classes.