Load the model from a file.

Method call format

load_model(fname, format='catboost')


Parameter Possible types Description Default value
fname string

The path to the input model.

Required parameter
format string

The format of the input model.

Possible values:
  • cbm — CatBoost binary format.
  • coreml — Apple CoreML format (only datasets without categorical features are currently supported).
  • json — JSON format. Refer to the CatBoost JSON model tutorial for format details.

Usage examples

from catboost import CatBoostClassifier, Pool

train_data = [[1,3],
train_labels = [1,0,1]
catboost_pool = Pool(train_data, train_labels)
model = CatBoostClassifier(learning_rate=0.03)
model.fit(train_data, train_labels, verbose=False)
# Export the model JSON
model.save_model("model_json", format = "json", export_parameters=None)

from_file = CatBoostClassifier()
# Load the model from JSON
from_file.load_model("model_json", format = 'json')