You can use the Yandex.Direct API to create applications for managing advertising campaigns, such as automating routine operations, using your own bid management algorithms, downloading statistics, and completing many other tasks.


October 1, 2019  Values of the SharedAccountFunds.Spend and CampaignFunds.Sum campaign parameters now include VAT.
September 25, 2019  The ADD_METRICA_TAG campaingn option now has the default value YES.
September 17, 2019  Attribution models available in the API.
September 9, 2019  Changes in the Sitelinks service: now each set of sitelinks can contain up to 8 sitelinks.

Getting started
  1. Review the documentation and examples.
  2. Register your application on the Yandex OAuth server and submit a request for API access.
  3. Create a test user and test data, and practice in the Sandbox.
  4. Follow the announcements in our blog.