EnableSharedAccount (Live)

Enables the shared account for the client and transfers funds to it from all the campaigns.

This method is only available to advertising agencies.

  • It can take a long time to enable the shared account.
  • The shared account cannot be enabled if the advertiser does not have a single campaign.

Input data

The input data structure in JSON is shown below.

   "method": "EnableSharedAccount",
   "param": {
      /* EnableSharedAccountRequest */
      "Login": (string)

Parameters are described below.

EnableSharedAccountRequest object
LoginThe username of the client to enable the shared account for.Yes

Output data

The output data structure in JSON is shown below.

   "data": {
      /* EnableSharedAccountResponse */
      "Login": (string),
      "AccountID": (int),
      "Errors": [
         {  /* Error */
            "FaultCode": (int),
            "FaultString": (string),
            "FaultDetail": (string)

Parameters are described below.

EnableSharedAccountResponse object
LoginClient username.
AccountIDID of the shared account that was created. This parameter is returned if the shared account was enabled successfully.
ErrorsArray of Error objects with errors that occurred while enabling the shared account.
Error object
FaultCodeError code.
FaultStringTextual message about the error.
FaultDetailDetailed description of the reason for the error.

Examples of input data


   'Login': 'agrom'


   'Login' => 'agrom'


   'Login' => 'agrom'