Retargeting (Live)

Creates, modifies, deletes, or returns retargeting parameters for a group of ads.


Disabled method. Use version 5 of the API.

For information about the compatibility of methods between versions Live 4 and 5, see the Migration guide.

The type of action to perform is specified in the Action parameter:

  • Add — Adds retargetings for an ad group.
  • Update — Changes retargeting parameters.
  • Delete — Removes the retargeting.
  • Get — Returns retargeting parameters.


A maximum of 50 retargeting objects can be created per ad group.

A retargeting can only use a retargeting condition that contains at least one "all" or "or" type of group.

New in the Live 4 version

The Currency input parameter is required.

Added the Currency input parameter for the Add and Update operations, as well as the Currency input parameter and the Currency output parameter for the Get operation.

Attention. The Login input parameter became mandatory in all operations for requests on behalf of an advertising agency.

Added the AdGroupID output parameter for the Get operation.