Error and warning codes

This section provides codes and descriptions of errors and warnings in response messages from the Yandex.Direct API versions 4 and Live 4.

Note. The short error description is returned in English by default, or in the language specified in the locale parameter in the request (such as “ru” for Russian).


CodeShort descriptionExplanation
Error codes when working with statistics
1Invalid CampaignIDInvalid CampaignID identifier for a campaign.
2There are no statistics for this campaignThere are no statistics for this campaign.
3Invalid dateInvalid format for either the StartDate or EndDate parameter.
5Invalid time intervalInvalid time period for generating statistics: the start date is later than the end date.
8Invalid limitsThe maximum number of strings in the report is defined incorrectly (Limit parameter). The value for this parameter must be a number greater than zero.
9This field must be an arrayInvalid type for one of the parameters. An array is expected but a scalar type or a data structure has been specified.
10Invalid banner filter parametersInvalid filter by ads (Banner parameter).
11Invalid geotargeting filter parametersInvalid filter by region (Geo parameter).
12Invalid website filter parametersInvalid filter by page (PageName parameter).
13Invalid website type filter parametersInvalid site type in the page filter (Page parameter).
14Invalid keyword settings filter parametersInvalid filter by keywords (Phrase parameter).
15Bad page typeInvalid filter by type of target page (PageType parameter). For example, a value is defined incorrectly.
16Invalid group by date settingsInvalid date filter (Date parameter).
17Invalid name for a report fieldThe value of the GroupByColumn parameter is incorrect.
18Invalid offsetInvalid Offset parameter.
20Invalid report typeInvalid report type (TypeResultReport parameter).
21Invalid report compression methodInvalid type of report compression (CompressReport parameter).
22Invalid ReportIDInvalid report identifier ReportID when calling methods GetReportList and DeleteReport.
23Invalid BannerIDInvalid ad identifier BannerID when calling methods CreateNewReport, GetBannerPhrase, GetBanners, UpdatePrices.
24The specified report does not existThe specified report has not been created.
31Report queue limit reachedThe report queue is full.
32Invalid PositionTypeInvalid filter by position (PositionType parameter).
33Invalid target filter parametersInvalid filter by goals (StatGoals parameter).
48Invalid filter parametersInvalid value for one or more parameters for filtering report records.
94There are no statistics for these campaigns.
Common error codes
25The field can contain the value: Yes or NoThe input parameter only accepts the values “Yes” and “No”.
30The array cannot be emptyThe input parameter cannot be an empty array and must contain a value.
34Invalid email format
35Invalid phone number format
36Invalid format for a time tag
52Authentication is temporarily unavailableThe Yandex.Direct API server is temporarily unable to get information about user authorization from the Yandex.Passport service. Try calling the method again later.
53Authorization errorInvalid authorization data. Check the user's name and the OAuth token, including the token expiration date.
54Not enough rights
  • You are not authorized to perform the requested operation.

  • The advertiser's account must be switched to a currency.

55This method does not existA non-existent method is being called.
56Request limit exceededYou have reached the technical limit for the number of method calls.
57Limit exceeded for simultaneous requests of the method
58No accessSubmit the Yandex.Direct API access request form and wait for confirmation.
59Deprecated method

This method will be disabled soon. Use version 5 of the API.

For information about how version 5 differs from version 4 and how their methods correspond, see the Migration guide.

71Invalid request parametersOne of the parameters is defined incorrectly.
80The object was not deleted.The object cannot be deleted.
241Maximum array size exceededThere are too many elements in the array.
500Internal server errorInternal server error. Try calling the method again later. If the error persists, contact the support service.
501Invalid requestInvalid request to the Yandex.Direct API.
503Service temporarily unavailableThe Yandex.Direct API server is temporarily unavailable.
504A scheduled interruption in the server's operation. Repeat the request laterExtremely rare situation.
506Simultaneous requests limit exceededYou have reached the maximum number of simultaneous connections to the Yandex.Direct server.
508The requested API version is not availableThis version of the API is outdated and is no longer supported. Use the most recent version of the Yandex.Direct API.
509This method is not available in this API versionThis method call is not available in the version of the Yandex.Direct API you are using.
510Access deniedAPI access is forbidden.
511Unknown languageAn unknown locale was specified.
512Invalid request methodRequest was made using a method other than HTTP POST. Requests to Yandex.Direct must be made using the HTTP POST method.
513Your login is not enabled for Yandex.Direct
514Internal server error. Please contact the support service.
Error codes when working with budget forecasts and keywords
72Invalid ForecastIDInvalid forecast request number (ForecastID parameter).
73The specified budget forecast report does not existA budget forecast with the specified ID has not been created.
74Forecast report is being generatedCompilation of the budget forecast is not yet complete.
76Invalid keywordA budget forecasting keyword is specified incorrectly (keywords parameter).
77Invalid GeoIDRegions for displaying ads are specified incorrectly (GeoID parameter).
78Report temporarily unavailable
91The specified wordstat report does not existInvalid report ID (ReportID parameter). Check whether a report with this ID is in the list of requested reports.
92Wordstat report is being generatedCompilation of the keyword report is not yet complete.
93Invalid WordstatReportIDInvalid format for the ReportID parameter; for example, the value is not defined or contains symbols.
Error codes when working with campaigns, groups, ads, and keywords
26The value must be between 0 and 100 in multiples of 10The percent value is set incorrectly. Possible values: 0, 10, 20, ..., 100.
27Invalid BannerIDThe BannerID parameter is set incorrectly.
28Invalid PhraseIDThe PhraseID parameter is set incorrectly.
29Invalid campaign typeYou are not authorized to edit the specified campaign.
37Invalid strategy parametersYou specified a forbidden combination of display strategies on search and in the Yandex Advertising Network, or a parameter was omitted that is required for the selected strategy.
39Invalid ad ID
49Invalid ad group IDThe AdGroupID parameter is set incorrectly.
111Invalid campaign settingsThe CampaignInfo data structure specified in the request has an incorrect format.
113Invalid campaign filter parametersInvalid filter values in the Filter parameter.
114Exceeded limit on number of campaignsSee the restrictions.
151Invalid banner settingsIncorrect format for the BannerInfo structure.
152Not enough Yandex unitsYou do not have enough points on your account for this operation.
153Maximum banner limit exceeded in requestThe number of ads in the request is more than the maximum value.
154Invalid PointOnMap structureIncorrect coordinates given for the advertiser's location in the CreateOrUpdateBanners method call. The location is set in the ContactInfo -> PointOnMap parameter.
155This action cannot be performed on this campaign or adAttempt to perform archiving or extract an archive, starting, or stopping, when the campaign or ad is in a state that does not allow such an operation. For example, you tried to start a campaign that is in the archive.
156Changes are not allowed in archived campaigns and adsAttempt to change the parameters of a campaign or ad that is in the archive.
157Exceeds the limit on ads per campaignAttempt to create an ad group violating the restrictions.
158Exceeds the limit on ads per groupAttempt to create an ad violating the restrictions.
192Invalid negative keywordsNegative keywords incorrectly specified in the MinusKeywords parameter. Negative keywords should consist of valid characters that do not exceed the maximum length and do not constitute phrases.
193Exceeded the maximum amount of 10,000 keywordsExceeded the limit on the number of keywords per request.
194Keyword not foundInvalid keyword ID was specified.
195Group must contain a minimum of one active keyword or retargeting conditionAttempted to stop all active keywords in an ad (ad group) without any active retargetings.
245Invalid currency valueThe Currency parameter specifies a currency that does not match the currency of the campaign or is not available for the client (agency).
3500Not supported.

Versions 4 and Live 4 of the Yandex.Direct API fully support only campaigns, groups, and ads with the “Text & Image Ads” type. To work with all types of objects, use API version 5.

Error codes when updating bids
191The ContextPrice for keywords active on search cannot be changed

The ContextPrice parameter is available for editing only in the following cases:

  1. When the MaximumCoverage strategy is selected for the Yandex Advertising Network.

  2. When the Default strategy is selected for the Yandex Advertising Network and the keyword is disabled on the search due to a low CTR.

    For new keywords this condition is irrelevant, since keywords are no longer disabled for a low CTR.

242Invalid priceThe CPC for a keyword is set incorrectly in the UpdatePrices or CreateOrUpdateBanners method.
243Invalid Autobroker valueThe AutoBroker attribute is set incorrectly (CreateOrUpdateBanners, GetBannerPhrases, UpdatePrices).
244No keywords foundThe SetAutoPrice (Live) method could not update bids because none of the keywords meet the selection conditions, or bids cannot be changed manually because an automatic bid management strategy is selected.
Error codes when working with clients
251Invalid user loginThe specified campaign owner login is incorrect (GetCampaignsList).
252Login occupiedThe login name is already in use by another Yandex user.
253An error occurred while creating loginThe client account could not be created using the CreateNewSubclient method. The specified login is in use.
254An error occurred while creating clientThe client account could not be created using the CreateNewSubclient method. The cause of the error is unknown.
255Client cannot be linked to agencyThe client account could not be created using the CreateNewSubclient method.
256The specified agency does not exist
257The user's rights cannot be updated
258An error occurred while creating client
259This client does not existYou must first register the client using the CreateNewSubclient method.
518Currency not available for the agencyAttempt to register an agency client in a currency that the agency is not able to make payments in.
Error codes when working with finance methods
350Invalid financial transaction tokenInvalid finance token (see Accessing finance methods).
351Invalid transaction numberThe specified transaction number is either less than or equal to the number of the previous financial transaction (see Accessing finance methods).
352Financial transactions are not permitted for your accountAccess to financial operations is disabled in the Yandex.Direct web interface (see Accessing finance methods).
353Invalid money transfer requestInvalid request input data: invalid campaign number, the amount of funds being deducted is not equal to the amount being credited, funds are being transferred between campaigns in different currencies, and so on. Additional information is provided in the error message.
354Invalid invoice requestInvalid input data, or an error occurred in the API, or there are financial restrictions on payment. For example, funds cannot be added to the same campaign multiple times in the same request; funds cannot be added to the shared account by a direct advertiser if there is not a single moderated campaign. Additional information is provided in the detailed error description.
355Credit limit exceededThe payment amount exceeds the amount of available credit.
356Invalid contract IDThe client does not have a credit agreement with the specified number.
357Invalid campaign payment request regarding credit limitsInvalid input data, or there are financial restrictions on payment, or an error occurred in the API. Additional information is provided in the detailed error description.
358Financial transactions are temporarily unavailableThe finance methods are temporarily unavailable due to technical issues in the API.
359A MasterToken does not exist for this clientThe master token was not issued in the Yandex.Direct web interface (see Accessing finance methods
363Overdraft unavailableOverdraft cannot be used because the terms in the Service Offer have not been met (items 6.6–6.10).
364Overdraft limit exceededThe payment amount exceeds the available overdraft limit. To find out the overdraft limit, use the GetClientInfo (Live) method (OverdraftSumAvailable parameter).
366Campaigns with different types can't be paid for in the same request.
Error codes for retargeting settings
46Invalid retargeting IDThe specified retargeting ID does not exist.
47Invalid retargeting condition IDThe specified retargeting condition does not exist.
Error codes when working with images
271Image not foundThe hash specified for the image does not exist.
272Invalid imageThe image cannot be uploaded: the image is not available at the given link, has an invalid format, or there is another problem with the image.
273Image pool size exceededThe image cannot be uploaded because you have reached the limit for the number of uploaded images and tasks in the upload queue for this advertiser.
274Error when saving a file
Error codes when working with the shared account
515Shared account must be connectedAttempt to get information about the shared account for an advertiser that does not have the shared account enabled.
517Cannot update information for this AccountIDAn internal error occurred when changing information for the shared account.
518Currency not available for the agency
519Shared account already connectedAttempt to enable the shared account for an advertiser who already has the shared account enabled.
520To enable the shared account, create at least one campaignThe shared account cannot be enabled if the advertiser does not have a single campaign.
8305Can't perform actionAttempt to change the daily budget amount more than 3 times during the same day.


Warning codes for retargeting settings
208Existing retargeting condition was updatedContains the id field, which is the ID of the updated retargeting object.When attempting to add a retargeting condition that already exists in the group, the retargeting parameters are updated, but a new retargeting condition is not added.
209The bid for the retargeting condition was ignored because Autobudget is enabledContains an empty structure.

Attempted to set the value of the ContextPrice retargeting parameter when using an automatic display strategy.

210Condition was not added. Group already contains the specified conditionNot passed.The input array for the Retargeting (Live) method (Add action) passes several retargetings with identical conditions for the same group. In this case, only one retargeting is created, and its parameters are taken from the last item in the input array.
211The condition ID RetargetingConditionID was ignoredNot passed.In the input array for the Retargeting (Live) method (the Update operation), the RetargetingConditionID parameter was passed. This parameter is ignored.
Warning codes when working with keywords
212Keyword already stoppedContains an empty structure.

When trying to stop impressions for a keyword that has already been stopped, nothing happens.

213Keyword not stoppedContains an empty structure.When trying to restart impressions for a keyword that has not been stopped, nothing happens.