Returns information about credit provided to an advertising agency for campaign payments.

Credit is given to advertising agencies based on contracts. Payment by credit is made using the PayCampaigns method.


The method can be called on behalf of a single user up to 1000 times per day.

Input data

The input data structure in JSON is shown below.

Attention. It is mandatory to include the finance_token and operation_num parameters in the request. For more information, see the Accessing finance methods.
   "method": "GetCreditLimits",
   "finance_token": (string),
   "operation_num": (int)

Output data

The output data structure in JSON is shown below.

   "data": {
      /* CreditLimitsInfo */
      "Currency": (string),
      "Limits": [
         {  /* CreditLimitsItem */
            "ContractID": (string),
            "Limit": (float),
            "LimitSpent": (float)

Parameters are described below.

CreditLimitsInfo object
CurrencyThe currency that is used for providing credit information.
LimitsAn array of CreditLimitsItem objects. Each object contains credit data for a single credit agreement. If credit has not been granted to the client, the Limits parameter is absent.
CreditLimitsItem object
ContractIDThe number of the credit agreement.
LimitMaximum amount of credit.
LimitSpentThe amount of credit already used for campaign payments when the method is called.