Audience targets (AudienceTarget)

Audience targets allow you to display ads to users who have already shown interest in the advertiser's products and services by visiting the website or submitting their contact information.

Audience targets link an ad group to either a retargeting list or audience interest in a mobile app category. You can set a bid and/or priority for an audience target.

Attention. Displays for audience targets are only available in ad networks (the Yandex Advertising Network and external networks).

Targeting by retargeting list

Ads can be shown to users who meet the criteria in a retargeting list. To do this, the audience target should specify the ad group (AdGroupId) and the retargeting list (RetargetingListId).

You can use the same retargeting list in multiple audience targets that are assigned to different groups of ads.

For more information about retargeting lists, see the section Retargeting list (RetargetingList).

Targeting by mobile app interests

Targeting by audience interests is only available for mobile app ads.

Ads can be shown to users who are interested in a specific category of mobile apps. To do this, the audience target should specify the ad group (AdGroupId) and the interest (InterestId).

To get the list of app categories, use the Dictionaries.get method and specify the dictionary name Interests in the request.

For more information about targeting ads by audience interests, see Targeting by mobile app interests in the Help for Yandex.Direct.


Maximum of 50 audience targets per ad group.

Targeting by retargeting list

Audience targets can only be added to an ad group with the TEXT_AD_GROUP or MOBILE_APP_AD_GROUP type.

Retargeting lists must have the scope FOR_TARGETS_AND_ADJUSTMENTS. See the section Scope.

Targeting by mobile app categories

Audience targets by interests (mobile app categories) can only be added to an ad group with the MOBILE_APP_AD_GROUP type.

You can only use interests that have the IsTargetable parameter set to YES in the reference list.

State of an audience target

The State parameter reflects the current state of displays for the audience target.

State Description

Ad displays are possible for the ad target.

SUSPENDED Displays for the ad target were stopped by the owner (using the suspend method, or in the web interface).
UNKNOWN Unknown state. Used for providing backward compatibility and displaying states that are not supported in this version of the API.