Registers new advertisers who are agency clients and users who are chief representatives of advertisers.

  1. Restrictions
  2. Request
  3. Response
Note. For requests to the AgencyClients service:
  • In the Authorization header, specify the access token you received for the agency representative.
  • Don't specify the Client-Login header.


Maximum of 100 clients per day.

Access to this method is granted on request.


Request structure in JSON format:

  "method": "add",
  "params": { /* params */
      "Login": (string), /* required */
      "FirstName": (string), /* required */
      "LastName": (string), /* required */
      "Currency": ( "RUB" | "BYN" | "CHF" | "EUR" | "KZT" | "TRY" | "UAH" | "USD" ), /* required */
      "Grants": [{  /* GrantItem */
        "Privilege": ( "EDIT_CAMPAIGNS" | "IMPORT_XLS" | "TRANSFER_MONEY" ), /* required */
        "Value": ( "YES" | "NO" ) /* required */
      }, ... ],
      "Notification": {  /* NotificationAdd */
        "Lang": ( "RU" | "UK" | "EN" | "TR" ), /* required */
        "Email": (string), /* required */
        "EmailSubscriptions": [{  /* EmailSubscriptionItem */
          "Value": ( "YES" | "NO" ) /* required */
        }, ... ] /* required */
      }, /* required */
      "Settings": [{  /* ClientSettingAddItem */
        "Option": ( "CORRECT_TYPOS_AUTOMATICALLY" | "DISPLAY_STORE_RATING" ), /* required */
        "Value": ( "YES" | "NO" ) /* required */
      }, ... ]
Params structure (for JSON) / AddRequest structure (for SOAP)

Username of a Yandex.Direct user who is the chief representative of an advertiser.

This name is used to create a user in Yandex and Yandex.Direct, so the username must be unique.

The username may include Latin characters, digits, a single hyphen, and a dot. It must start with a letter, end with a letter or number, and contain a maximum of 30 characters.

We do not recommend usernames that have dots in them (they should be replaced with hyphens) or uppercase characters.

FirstNamestringThe user's first name (no more than 20 characters). The following characters are not allowed: &=<>.Yes
LastNamestringThe user's last name (no more than 20 characters). The following characters are not allowed: &=<>.Yes

The advertiser's currency.

Grantsarray of GrantItemThe advertiser's permissions for campaign management. If omitted, there aren't any permissions.No
NotificationNotificationAddSettings for SMS and email notifications for the advertiser's chief representative.Yes
Settingsarray of ClientSettingAddItemAdvertiser settings that only allow YES or NO values.No
GrantItem structure

Name of the permission:

If the permission isn't specified, it is created with the value NO.

For the IMPORT_XLS permission, you can only set the YES value if the EDIT_CAMPAIGNS permission is also set to YES. Otherwise, an error is returned.

ValueYesNoEnumWhether the advertiser has this permission.Yes
NotificationAdd structure
LangLangEnumLanguage for notifications.Yes

The email address for sending notifications related to the account.

EmailSubscriptionsarray of EmailSubscriptionItemTypes of notifications to send by email.Yes
EmailSubscriptionItem structure

Type of notification:

  • RECEIVE_RECOMMENDATIONS — Yandex.Direct news and recommendations.

  • TRACK_MANAGED_CAMPAIGNS — Notifications for campaigns that have a personal manager.

  • TRACK_POSITION_CHANGES — Warnings about traffic forecasts falling lower than the bid provided at the time of configuration.

If the type of notification isn't specified, it is created with the value NO.

ValueYesNoEnumWhether to send this type of notification.Yes
ClientSettingAddItem structure

Setting name:

  • CORRECT_TYPOS_AUTOMATICALLY — Automatically fix errors and typos.

  • DISPLAY_STORE_RATING — Add data from external sources to the ad (see Data from third parties in the Help for Yandex.Direct).

If the setting isn't specified, it is created with the value NO.

ValueYesNoEnumSetting value.Yes


Response structure in JSON format:

  "result": { /* result */
    "Login": (string),
    "Password":  (string),
    "Email":  (string),
    "ClientId": (long),
    "Warnings": [{  /* ExceptionNotification */
      "Code": (int), /* required */
      "Message": (string), /* required */
      "Details": (string)
    }, ... ],
    "Errors": [{  /* ExceptionNotification */
      "Code": (int), /* required */
      "Message": (string), /* required */
      "Details": (string)
    }, ... ] 
Result structure (for JSON) / AddResponse structure (for SOAP)
LoginstringUsername of a Yandex.Direct user who is the chief representative of an advertiser. Returned if there aren't any errors. See the section Operations on object arrays.
PasswordstringAutomatically generated password for the user. Returned if there are no errors.
EmailstringEmail address automatically generated from the username. Returned if there are no errors.
ClientIdlongID of the created advertiser. Returned if there are no errors.
Warningsarray of ExceptionNotification

Warnings that occurred during the operation.

Errorsarray of ExceptionNotification

Errors that occurred during the operation.