Campaign settings (Option parameter)

Setting name Description

Automatically add the yclid tag with a unique click ID to the ad link. This tag allows you to track results of advertising campaigns more accurately in Metrica (see Yandex.Metrica: advertising campaign efficiency evaluation in the Help for Direct).

The default value is NO.


When redirecting to the advertiser's web site, append an OpenStat tag to the URL.

The default value is NO.


Add the campaign to your favorites, in order to filter by it in the web interface.

The default value is NO.

DAILY_BUDGET_ALLOWED This setting is no longer relevant. Always returns YES.

Enable area of interest targeting (enhanced geographical targeting).

The default value is YES.


When displaying on Yandex.Maps, add company information from the Yandex Business Directory to the ad.

The default value is YES.


Enable inserting part of the ad text in the title (see Extended Ad Title in ads in the Help for Yandex.Direct).

The default value is YES.


Stop displays when the advertiser's site is unavailable (see Monitoring site availability in the Help for Yandex.Direct).

The default value is NO.


When calculating forecasted bids, ignore bids in competitors' ads that are paused in accordance with time targeting.

The default value is NO.


Keep the average CPC in ad networks lower than the average CPC in search results.

If the AVERAGE_CPA, AVERAGE_CPI, AVERAGE_ROI, WB_MAXIMUM_APP_INSTALLS or WB_MAXIMUM_CONVERSION_RATE strategy is selected for search, this parameter is not used and the passed value is ignored.

The default value is YES.


Switch the campaign to being handled by a personal manager.

If the advertiser doesn't have any campaigns handled by a personal manager, only the NO value can be set. If you try to set YES, the value NO is set and a warning appears. The default value is NO.

If the advertiser already has at least one campaign handled by a manager, you can set either YES or NO. The default value is YES. You can't change the value from YES to NO.

SHARED_ACCOUNT_ENABLED The shared account is enabled.

For information on how the set of options depends on the campaign type, see the section Campaign parameters.