Changes the advertiser parameters and the user settings for the advertiser's representative.

  1. Request
  2. Response

Any representative of an advertiser can edit the advertiser's parameters and their own personal settings.

The advertiser's chief representative can also edit the settings of another representative. To do this, pass the representative's username in the Client-Login request header.



The ClientInfo, Notification, and Phone parameters belong to the user who is a representative of the advertiser:

  • The user the request is made on behalf of, if the request is in the name of any representative of the advertiser and the HTTP Client-Login header is not included in the request.
  • The user whose username is specified in the HTTP Client-Login header, if the request is in the name of the advertiser's chief representative and the request includes the HTTP Client-Login header.

The Settings parameter is related to the advertiser, regardless of who the representative is.

Request structure in JSON format:

  "method": "update",
  "params": { /* params */
    "Clients": [{ /* ClientUpdateItem */
      "ClientInfo": (string),
      "Notification": { /* NotificationUpdate */
        "Lang": ( "RU" | "UK" | "EN" | "TR" ),
        "Email": (string),
        "EmailSubscriptions": [{  /* EmailSubscriptionItem */
          "Value": ( "YES" | "NO" ) /* required */
        }, ... ]
      "Phone": (string),
      "Settings": [{ /* ClientSettingUpdateItem */
        "Option": ( "CORRECT_TYPOS_AUTOMATICALLY" | "DISPLAY_STORE_RATING" ), /* required */
        "Value": ( "YES" | "NO" ) /* required */
      }, ... ]
    }] /* required */
Params structure (for JSON) / UpdateRequest structure (for SOAP)
Clientsarray of ClientUpdateItemAdvertiser parameters and user settings to change.Yes
ClientUpdateItem structure

First and last name of the Yandex.Direct user (no more than 255 characters).


The Yandex.Direct user's settings for SMS and email notifications.


Phone number of the Yandex.Direct user (255 characters maximum).

Settingsarray of ClientSettingUpdateItemAdvertiser settings that only allow YES or NO values.No
NotificationUpdate structure
LangLangEnumLanguage for notifications.No

The email address for sending notifications related to the account (no more than 255 characters).

EmailSubscriptionsarray of EmailSubscriptionItemTypes of notifications to send by email.No
EmailSubscriptionItem structure

Type of notification:

  • RECEIVE_RECOMMENDATIONS — Yandex.Direct news and recommendations.

  • TRACK_MANAGED_CAMPAIGNS — Notifications for campaigns that have a personal manager.

  • TRACK_POSITION_CHANGES — Warnings about traffic forecasts falling lower than the bid provided at the time of configuration.

ValueYesNoEnumWhether to send this type of notification.Yes
ClientSettingUpdateItem structure

Setting name:

  • CORRECT_TYPOS_AUTOMATICALLY — Automatically fix errors and typos.

  • DISPLAY_STORE_RATING — Add data from external sources to the ad (see Data from third parties in the Help for Yandex.Direct).

ValueYesNoEnumSetting value.Yes


Response structure in JSON format:

  "result": {  /* result */
    "UpdateResults": [{  /* ClientsActionResult */
      "ClientId": (long),
      "Warnings": [{  /* ExceptionNotification */
        "Code": (int), /* required */
        "Message": (string), /* required */
        "Details": (string)
       }, ...
      "Errors": [{  /* ExceptionNotification */
        "Code": (int), /* required */
        "Message": (string), /* required */
        "Details": (string)
       }, ...
    }, ... ] /* required */
Result structure (for JSON) / UpdateResponse structure (for SOAP)
UpdateResultsarray of ClientsActionResultThe result of changing advertiser parameters and user settings.
ClientsActionResult structure
ClientIdlongAdvertiser ID. Returned if there aren't any errors. See the section Operations on object arrays.
Warningsarray of ExceptionNotification

Warnings that occurred during the operation.

Errorsarray of ExceptionNotification

Errors that occurred during the operation.