Changes the parameters of retargeting lists.

  1. Restrictions
  2. Request
  3. Response


Maximum of 1000 retargeting lists per method call.

Changing the scope is not allowed.
  • If you modify a retargeting list that contains at least one rule with the ALL or ANY operator, it still must contain at least one rule with the ALL or ANY operator after your changes.

  • If you modify a retargeting list that consists exclusively of rules with the NONE operator, it must still contain only rules with the NONE operator after your changes.

Otherwise, the edit operation isn't performed, and an error is returned.


Request structure in JSON format:

  "method": "update",
  "params": { /* params */
    "RetargetingLists": [{  /* RetargetingListUpdateItem */
      "Id": (long), /* required */
      "Name": (string),
      "Description": (string),
      "Rules": [{  /* RetargetingListRuleItem */
        "Arguments": [{  /* RetargetingListRuleArgumentItem */
          "MembershipLifeSpan": (int),
          "ExternalId": (long) /* required */
        }, ... ], /* required */
        "Operator": ( "ALL" | "ANY" | "NONE" ) /* required */
      }, ... ]
    }, ... ]
Params structure (for JSON) / UpdateRequest structure (for SOAP)
RetargetingListsarray of RetargetingListUpdateItemRetargeting lists to modify.Yes
RetargetingListUpdateItem structure
IdlongID of the retargeting list.Yes
NamestringName of the retargeting list (maximum of 250 characters).No
DescriptionstringText note for the retargeting list (maximum of 4096 characters).No
Rulesarray of RetargetingListRuleItemRules for selecting site users. In order for the retargeting list to apply, the user must meet all the rules at once.

For restrictions on user selection rules and examples of the structure, see the section Rules for user selection.

RetargetingListRuleItem structure
Argumentsarray of RetargetingListRuleArgumentItem

Goals and segments.

See the section Goals and segments.


Logical operator for the retargeting list:

  • ALL — The rule is met if the user completed all the goals and is included in all the segments.

  • ANY — The rule is met if the user completed at least one of the goals or the user's session is included in at least one of the segments.

  • NONE — The rule is met if the user didn't complete any of the goals and the user's session isn't included in any of the segments.

RetargetingListRuleArgumentItem structure
MembershipLifeSpanintNumber of days (from 1 to 90) for checking whether goals are completed or segments are matched.For Yandex.Metrica goals and segments

ID of the goal or segment.



Response structure in JSON format:

  "result": {  /* result */
    "UpdateResults": [{  /* ActionResult */
      "Id": (long),
      "Warnings": [{  /* ExceptionNotification */
        "Code": (int), /* required */
        "Message": (string), /* required */
        "Details": (string)
       }, ...
      "Errors": [{  /* ExceptionNotification */
        "Code": (int), /* required */
        "Message": (string), /* required */
        "Details": (string)
       }, ...
    }, ... ] /* required */
Result structure (for JSON) / UpdateResponse structure (for SOAP)
UpdateResultsarray of ActionResultResults of changing parameters for retargeting lists.
ActionResult structure
IdlongID of the retargeting list. Returned if there aren't any errors. See the section Operations on object arrays.
Warningsarray of ExceptionNotification

Warnings that occurred during the operation.

Errorsarray of ExceptionNotification

Errors that occurred during the operation.