Response codes and error codes

The table lists HTTP response codes.

200The report was created successfully in online mode
201The report was successfully added to the offline queue
202The report is being generated in offline mode
400Error in the request, or exceeded the limit on requests in the queue
500Server error when generating the report
502Request processing timed out on the server

If an error occurs, the following structure is returned:

  "error": {
    "request_id": (string),
    "error_code": (int),
    "error_string": (string),
    "error_detail": (string)
request_idstringUnique request ID assigned by the Yandex.Direct API server. It is also passed in the Request-ID HTTP header.
error_codeintNumeric error code.
error_stringstringTextual message about the error.
error_detailstringDetailed description of the error.

Errors are described in the section Errors and warnings.