Technical limitations

Each advertiser can send a maximum of 20 requests in 10 seconds to the Reports service.

The report queue can contain a maximum of 5 offline reports at once per user.

Generated offline reports are stored for 5 hours, then deleted automatically.

Data availability

Statistics are available for the three years prior to the current month. For example: on 15 August 2018, you can get data starting from 1 August 2015.

The table shows the availability of data in specific fields.

Field Data available
Query For the past 180 days

Starting on 08.06.2018

On the preceding dates, the AvgTrafficVolume value is 100, WeightedCtr is the same as Ctr, and WeightedImpressions is the same as Impressions.


Availability of Yandex.Metrica data:

It can take up to several hours for Yandex.Metrica data to appear in reports because the data transmitted from the tags must be correlated with the ad campaigns.