Application folders

Applications can store their own data on a user's Disk, such as settings made by this user, or files this user created. To request access to its own folder on Yandex.Disk, the application should be registered with the permissions Access to app folder in Yandex.Disk.

The application will only be able to work with files within its own folder, unless it also gets permission for general access to Yandex.Disk.

Setup of application folders

If a user's Disk does not yet have any application folders, the folder is created automatically at the first request with the appropriate OAuth token. The folder name matches the application name in Yandex.OAuth. If such a folder already exists, the application ID is appended to the application name (for example, foo_4760142d81bc4b7799476b42b5103713).

All application folders are created in the Programs system directory. Just as for other system folders, the name is set according to the language of the account (for example, for Russian-speaking users, the folder is named Приложения).

Attention. Users have full access to files in the Applications folder, which means they can be deleted, moved, and renamed.

Path to the application folder

To access your application folder, you can use the address pattern app:/. For example, you can get the list of resources in your root application folder like this:

In API responses, paths are indicated using the pattern disk:/, with absolute paths to resources. For example, the Foo application receives a response about its file photo.png:

{  "name": "photo.png",  "created": "2014-04-21T14:57:13+04:00",  "modified": "2014-04-21T14:57:14+04:00",  "path": "disk:/Applications/Foo/photo.png",  "md5": "4334dc6379c8f95ddf11b8508cfea271",  "type": "file",  "mime_type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",  "size": 34567}