Data about a user's Disk

The API returns general information about a user's Disk: the available space, system folder addresses, and so on.

Request format

Use the GET method to send a request for data about a user's Disk.

Response format

If the request was processed without errors, the API responds with the 200 OK code and returns the information about the Disk in the Disk object in the response body. If the request caused an error, the relevant response code is returned, and the response body contains the error description.

Sample response:

{  "trash_size": 4631577437,  "total_space": 319975063552,  "used_space": 26157681270,  "system_folders":  {    "applications": "disk:/Applications",    "downloads": "disk:/Downloads/"  }}
Response elements
Element Description

The cumulative size of the files in the Trash, in bytes.


The total space available to the user on Yandex.Disk, in bytes.


The cumulative size of the files already stored on Yandex.Disk, in bytes.


Absolute addresses of Yandex.Disk system folders. Folder names depend on the user interface language that was in use when the user's personal Disk was created. For example, the Downloads folder is created for an English-speaking user, Загрузки for a Russian-speaking user, and so on.

The following folders are currently supported:

  • applications — folder for application files
  • downloads — folder for files downloaded from the internet (not from the user's device)