Overview of the Static API

The Static API generates a map image based on the parameter values passed to the service in a URL with the following format:{URL parameters}

The substring {URL parameters} contains a sequence of pairs in the format {parameter name}={parameter value}, separated by the ampersand symbol (&).

The following example is a request for a map image of the center of Ankara with two numbered markers:,39.889847& \

Attention! Line breaks in the examples are indicated with backslash symbols ( \ ), which you should remove when copying the examples into your web page HTML code or your browser address string.

The complete list of URL parameters is shown below.

ParameterData type and exampleDescription
Required parameters
lang string (language_region)


The API lets you display maps that are localized in various languages with allowances for the differences in specific countries. To control localization, pass the locale in the HTTP request.

The locale is set in the lang parameter:


  • language — Two-letter language code. Specified in ISO 639-1 format. Sets the language for objects on the map (toponyms and controls).
  • region — Two-letter country code. Specified in ISO 3166-1 format. Determines regional settings such as measurement units (for indicating distances between objects or driving speeds on a route).
    Note. For the regions RU, UA and TR, distance is shown in kilometers; for US, it is shown in miles.

The following locales are currently supported:

  • lang=tr-TR
  • lang=en-US (distance in miles)
  • lang=en_RU
  • lang=ru-RU
  • lang=ru_UA
  • lang=uk_UA

Note. In early versions of the API, the locale was specified after a dash. This notation is no longer recommended for use, but for backward compatibility, the locales ru-RU, tr-TR, en-US, and uk-UA are considered equivalent to ru_RU, tr_TR, en_US, and uk_UA.



List of layers that define the type of map: map (roadmap), sat (satellite) and sat,skl (hybrid). For more information, see Map layers and types.
Optional parameters



Longitude and latitude of the map center in degrees; see Map center.




Range of the map's viewport by longitude and latitude (in degrees); see Viewport.




Zoom level of the map (0-17); see Map zoom level.




Height and width of the requested map image (in pixels); see Map size. By default, it takes the value 450x450.


float (from 1.0 to 4.0)


Coefficient for scaling map objects. Takes a fractional value from 1.0 to 4.0. For more information, see Scaling map objects.


string (MarkerDefinition1~MarkerDefinition2~...)


Contains definitions of one or more markers to be displayed on the map.

Each marker definition contains its coordinates (longitude and latitude) along with information on its appearance (including style, color, size and the marker text). Marker definitions are separated by a tilda (~).

For more information, see Placemarks.


string (FigureDefinition1~FigureDefinition2~...)

pl=c:ec473fFF,f:00FF00A0,w:5, \
37.51,55.83,37.67,55.82,37.66,55.74, \

Contains definitions of geometric figures (polylines and polygons) to display on the map.

The figure definition contains coordinates for its points (either a comma-separated list, or encoded), along with information on line color and thickness, and the fill color (for polygons). Figure definitions are separated by a tilda (~).

For more information, see Lines and polygons

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