JavaScript API and HTTP Geocoder

Terms of use

The commercial version of the JavaScript API was created for commercial use in closed systems, applications, and software modules. The restrictions in the standard license do not apply to the commercial API, so it can be used in proprietary accounting and management systems, for online transportation monitoring, or for developing desktop applications.

The commercial license for the JavaScript API applies to the HTTP Geocoder API and the Yandex panoramas service, as well. When using the commercial version, you can increase the daily limit on requests to the geocoder, router, and panoramas (the free version is limited to 25,000 requests per day). For more information about limits on requests for the commercial version, see the Pricing section.

To get started with the commercial API, you need to get a key in the Developer's Dashboard and sign an agreement with Yandex. After you request a key, we will email you an example of the license agreement at the address you specified. You can use the Developers' Dashboard to see the status and expiration date of your key, along with statistics on requests to the geocoder, router, and panoramas. You will also see warnings if you exceed the request limit.


The commercial version of the API has the following restrictions:

  • Only the “map” (roadmap) type is available for maps.
  • The map, routing, and geocoding are available only for the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and France.

In all other aspects, the commercial version is the same as the free version 2.1.


The license cost depends on the number of requests to the Yandex geocoder, router, and panorama services. The following rates are available:

Maximum number of requests per day Cost per year


120,000 rubles


360,000 rubles


600,000 rubles


850,000 rubles


1,000,000 rubles

Over 100,000

To calculate costs, send a request to and tell us how many requests per day you expect.

Attention. The following rule is used for calculating the daily number of requests: each request to the geocoder or router is equal to one request, while each call to the panoramas function (panorama.locate) is equal to five requests. If the geocoding and routing services won't be used, the limit on using Yandex panoramas is 5,000 requests per day.

If the geocoder, router, and Yandex panoramas won't be used, the cost of a license for the JavaScript API is 120,000 rubles per year.

Rates and conditions are subject to change.