The Geocoder can get a geo object's coordinates from its address, or the reverse – determine the address from the coordinates. You can access the Geocoder over HTTPS or using the JavaScript API.

Example of geocoding. Click on the map to get the address.

How it works

For the request "Moscow, Lva Tolstogo Street, 16", the Geocoder returns the coordinates of this building, [37.587874, 55.73367]. But if the request specifies the geo coordinates of a point, such as [27.525773, 53.89079], the Geocoder returns the address: "Minsk, praspiekt Dziaržynskaha, 5".

Terms of use

You can use the Geocoder free of charge if you send less than 25,000 total requests per day to the Geocoder, Router, and panorama service combined. To find out how the total number of requests is calculated, see the documentation. Even if you access the Geocoder over HTTPS, the results must be shown on an openly accessible map. Geocoding results can't be stored or used without the map. You must also follow the other conditions for free use of the API.

 Note: To avoid counting identical geocoder requests multiple times, results may be cached for up to 30 days. Caching will also reduce the load on your website or app.

If your project doesn't meet the conditions for free use of the API, you can use the API for Business.