A set of components for embedding interactive Yandex.Maps on website pages or in a web app. You can use the API to display a map with various objects, search for addresses, plot routes, make your own directions, and much more. The interface requires JavaScript support.
Terms of use
  • The Yandex.Maps API is intended for showing maps to real users. It may not be used exclusively for getting and processing data, such as geocoding points or plotting routes without displaying them in the interface.
  • It is unacceptable to hide or change logos and copyrights on the map, or to cover them up with other elements.
  • The free Yandex.Maps API can only be used on public sites and in free applications. Services that use authorization must have open and free registration.
  • The free Yandex.Maps API may not be used in accounting program modules, intranets and other private systems, desktop applications and programs, gaming projects, or systems for monitoring and dispatching transportation.
  • The free API is also restricted to a maximum of 25,000 geocoder requests per day.
  • If you want to process more than the maximum amount of requests, please purchase the commercial version of Yandex.Maps JS API and sign the licensing agreement by writing to paid-api-maps@yandex-team.ru.