Static object.

Instance of ICoordSystem

Object that describes the geometry of the Earth's surface. Used for constructing shortest routes (geodetic lines) between points on the Earth's surface and finding distances. Used for displaying geo objects in "geodesic: true" mode.



Name Returns Description
getDistance(point1, point2)


Returns the shortest distance (along a geodetic line) between the two set points (in meters).

solveDirectProblem(startPoint, direction, distance)


Solves the first (direct) geodesic problem: where we will end up, if we start from a specified point and move in the specified direction for the specified distance, without turning. The following data is a solution for the direct geodetic problem:
  • The end point.
  • The final direction.
  • The path function.
  • A function that allows to specify, for any given moment in time, which point we will be at and which direction we will be moving in.
solveInverseProblem(startPoint, endPoint[, reverseDirection])


Solves the second (inverse) geodetic problem: construct the shortest route between two points on the mapped surface and determine the distance and direction of movement. Note that on the map of the Earth's surface, the shortest routes are shown as crooked lines. For geo objects in the API, you can enable the mode for displaying shortest distances between points using the "geodesic" option.