About MapKit

Yandex MapKit is a cross-platform library that allows you to use the capabilities of Yandex.Maps in mobile applications for iOS and Android.

MapKit features

  • Access Yandex maps data with the latest updates.
  • Plan a driving route that accounts for traffic.
  • Plan a walking or public transport route.
  • Show traffic on the map.
  • Get information about locations and organizations.

MapKit Modules

In addition to the primary MapKit library, additional libraries that extend the capabilities of your application are available:

  • MapKit Directions — used for car routing.
  • MapKit Places — used to work with panoramas.
  • MapKit Search — used to search the map and for geocoding.
  • MapKit Transport — used to build routes for pedestrians, bicycles, and routes with public transport.

Use these libraries when you need the functionality they provide.

Getting started with MapKit