MapKit terms of use

MapKit is available free of charge. It can be used both for free and commercially. MapKit terms of use are listed below. Paid MapKit versions are designed for commercial use and remove some of the restrictions.

  1. Terms of use of the free MapKit version

Terms of use of the free MapKit version

Please read the terms of use carefully before using MapKit:

  1. You are not allowed to use MapKit in private and paid applications

    An application that uses MapKit must meet the following requirements:

    • Any user must have access to the application.

    • Registration in the application (if any) should be available to everyone.

    To use MapKit in closed or paid applications, use the extended license.
  2. You are not allowed to use MapKit for monitoring and dispatching

    An application that uses MapKit must not:

    • Track vehicles (transport), people or other objects in real time.
    • Automatically follow a route, as in the case of a navigator.
    • Monitor transport or solve logistics tasks.

    When working with such projects, use the standard commercial license.

  3. You are not allowed to hide the Yandex logo

    The Yandex logo should always be visible on the map. Do not hide the logo behind other objects.

  4. You must add a link to Yandex.Maps in the application's Terms of Use.

    There must be a link to the Yandex.Maps Terms of Use in the "About" section of the application (or other similar section):

  5. You cannot save or modify data received by using MapKit

    Do not store data for later use or use it outside MapKit. Received data should be displayed on the map without changes.

    If you need to save or change data obtained by using MapKit, write to us with information about your project.

  6. You are not allowed to exceed the daily request limit

    The limit on requests is calculated based on the total number of requests to search and routing services, as well as to the Yandex panoramas service. For more information about how requests are counted, see the Commercial MapKit version.

    When you use the free MapKit version, the limit is 25,000 requests per day.

    When using the paid version, the request limit depends on the chosen pricing plan. The paid MapKit version allows you to exceed the limit, but it is billed separately.


Terms of use are regulated by the MapKit User Agreement. The current document only explains the terms in the agreement.