Commercial MapKit version

Some free version restrictions are removed in the paid version. The license is valid for 1 year. You cannot buy a license for a shorter period. The license must be paid for before you can start using MapKit.

There are two licenses types for the commercial MapKit version: standard and extended.

Differences between MapKit licenses

Features Free MapKit Commercial MapKit license
Working with the online map
Working with the offline map
Monitoring transport
Working with the map after exceeding the request limit
Using maps in paid applications
Using maps in closed applications
Maximum number of daily requests 25,000 Per pricing plan

Commercial license

The Commercial MapKit license is intended for applications that do not meet the terms and conditions for the free version. For example:

  • Enterprise applications that are available only to company employees.
  • Applications that require an invitation to access.
  • Paid applications.

The license limits the number of requests per day according to the pricing plan. The section below explains how requests are counted. If the limit is exceeded, a separate invoice is issued for extra requests.

Estimate the load on your app and choose the appropriate rate:

Maximum number of daily requests Cost per year The cost of every thousand requests over the limit

up to 1,000 requests

120,000 rubles

120 rubles

up to 10,000 requests

360,000 rubles

36 rubles

up to 25,000 requests

600,000 rubles

24 rubles

up to 50,000 requests

850,000 rubles

17 rubles

up to 100,000 requests

1,000,000 rubles

11 rubles

Over 100,000 requests

To get a cost estimate, write to and specify the expected number of requests.

Note. The terms and conditions above are not a binding offer.

MapKit usage restrictions

To get map data, MapKit sends requests to Yandex.Maps services. The request limit is determined by the chosen pricing plan.

How requests are counted

The number of requests is calculated according to the following formula:

Attention. One request to the panorama service is equal to five other requests. In other words, under the "up to 1,000 requests" plan, 200 requests for panoramas will use up the daily limit.

If the limit is exceeded, an invoice is issued according to the pricing plan. The invoice is available in the Developer Dashboard in the “Finance” section.

Paid transactions

The following operations are charged per method call. Other operations in the MapKit SDK do not count toward the limit for Yandex.Maps services.

Exceeding the request limit

If the daily limit of requests is exceeded, an additional invoice will be issued at the end of the month. The cost is calculated according to your pricing plan.

The number of requests over the limit is rounded up to the next thousand. For example, a total of 400 requests over the limit is rounded up to 1,000.

If you exceed the limit multiple times in a month, the overuse charge is calculated for each day separately, and these charges are totaled at the end of the month.

Purchasing a license

Detailed instructions are available in the documentation for the commercial version of the Yandex.Maps API.