Frequently asked questions

  1. General questions
  2. Technical questions
  3. Commercial MapKit version

General questions

Can I use MapKit for free in my project?

MapKit can be used free of charge if you meet all conditions listed in the MapKit terms of use section. If some of these conditions are not met, you should purchase the paid version of MapKit.

What are the usage restrictions in MapKit?

The total number of requests to the Yandex geocoding, routing and panorama services must not exceed 25,000 per day. Learn more about usage restrictions.

To change your limits, you need to purchase the paid version of the API.

Do I need a key for the free MapKit version?

Yes, you need to get a key to work with the free MapKit version in the Developer Dashboard.

I want to track the request limit. Is there a special tool in MapKit for this?

You can find MapKit usage statistics in the Developer Dashboard.

What map types are available in MapKit?

Only “road map” and custom map layers are available in MapKit.

Can I use MapKit in my Xamarin app?

Xamarin apps are not supported at the moment.

Can I use MapKit in my React Native app?

Apps written in React Native are not supported at the moment.

Technical questions

Can I use vector images as markers in MapKit?

Vector images are not supported.

Is it possible to create a static map in MapKit?

Use the setNoninteractive method for Android or setNonInteractive method for iOS to disable user interaction with the map.

Is clusterization available in MapKit?

Currently, clusterization is not available in MapKit, but it can be implemented on the application side.

Does MapKit have built-in controls?

Controls should be implemented in the application.

Can I use a custom object as a placemark on the map?

This is not possible at the moment.

Commercial MapKit version

What is the difference between the commercial and free MapKit versions?

The differences in the MapKit licenses are listed on the Commercial MapKit version page.

What happens if I exceed the request limit in the paid version?

If the daily limit of requests is exceeded, an additional invoice will be issued at the end of the month. The cost is calculated according to your pricing plan.

The pricing plans only show the price per year. Is there an option for paying by the month?

The only purchasing option is a yearly plan.

Can I transfer my key to a different account? For instance, if my employee leaves.

No, you can't transfer a key to a different account. We recommend obtaining keys for a shared corporate account.