Products and features

The Yandex.Maps API offers a range of services for using Yandex technologies and map data in your projects. You can use the API for virtually anything: show directions to your office, or display data on the map for visual analytics.

If something changes in Yandex.Maps (for instance, a new company is added or a highway interchange opens), these updates are immediately available in your project.

JavaScript API

The JavaScript API is a software library for working with maps in the browser.

You can use the JavaScript API to:

  • Access any Yandex map data, including search for places, routing, and panoramas.
  • Configure the style of visual elements using standard tools, or create your own layouts.
  • Develop API-based solutions for handling a large number of objects on the map or performing geo analytics, or connect third-party plugins for extended functionality.

More information about the JavaScript API

 Note: To work with the JavaScript API, you need basic programming skills. If you don't have the necessary skills, you can use our basic tools to create a map.


MapKit is a software library for using Yandex maps in mobile apps for iOS and Android.

MapKit allows you to:

  • Search for businesses and place names.
  • Plan driving and walking routes with current traffic conditions.
  • Show traffic and Yandex panoramas on the map.
  • Create your own custom map layers – for instance, add areas with paid parking.

Find out more about MapKit


The HTTP API is a set of services for using HTTPS requests to access individual features of the Yandex.Maps API.

  • The Geocoder gives you the address of a geo object based on its coordinates, and vice versa.
  • The Places API finds all organizations that match a query.
  • The Static API returns an up-to-date static image of a section of the map.
Terms of use

You can use the Yandex.Maps API for free if you agree to the terms and conditions.

  • All map data must be used on a website or application that is freely available to access. You are not allowed to store or change the data, but you may cache geocoding and routing requests for up to 30 days.
  • The free API is not for use in closed systems or for tracking transport.
  • The maximum number of total requests to the geocoder, router, and panoramas is 25,000 per day. How requests are counted.

 There are some additional restrictions on free usage that are explained in the documentation. If your project doesn't meet these conditions, you can use the API for Business.