Map center

The center of the map image is set in the ll parameter. Its longitude and latitude (in degrees) are set off by commas in the parameter. The ll parameter is used either with the spn parameter (viewport), or with the z parameter (zoom level).

  1. The map center usually shows a specific object of interest (building, city, etc.). To find an object's geographical coordinates by its address or name, you can use the Yandex.Maps geocoding service.

  2. On the Yandex.Maps page the browser address bar shows a URL with the necessary parameters for displaying the map fragment that you see on the screen. These parameters include the coordinates of the object found via search (the sll parameter), the coordinates of the map center (the ll parameter), and the map viewport (the spn parameter). You can use the values of these parameters to request a static image of a map fragment.


If the ll parameter is not set, the Static API automatically positions the map.

The following example shows a request for a map image centered on the address “6. Sokak, Ehlibeyt”. The values of the map center and the viewport are determined using Yandex.Maps (the request “6. Sokak, Ehlibeyt, Çankaya, Ankara”).,39.889847&spn=0.016457,0.00619&l=map