Terms of Use

Terms and definitions

Database — Databases provided by geographical information systems (GIS) "Yandex.Maps on the territory of the Russian Federation", " Yandex.Maps on the territory of the CIS (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan)", "Yandex.Maps on the territory of Turkey", "Yandex.Maps on the territory of France", the copyright holder of which is Yandex.

Geocoder — A computer program intended to determine the coordinates of an object and get information about it using its name or address, as well as to determine the address of an object on the map using its coordinates (reverse geocoding).

Request — Access to the functions of geocoding, routing, and displaying panoramas in the Software Package. Each call to any function of the Software Package, including the Geocoder and the Router but excluding functions that display panoramas, is counted as one request. Each call to the panorama functions is equivalent to five requests.

Software Package — A set of computer programs that includes the Yandex.Maps JavaScript API, Geocoder, Router, and panorama player.

Router — A computer program for plotting routes between different coordinates and/or points on the map, with or without allowances for traffic. Access to the Router using the "client–server" model allows you to get data about driving routes, public transport routes, and walking routes. Access to the Router using the "server–server" model only allows you to get data about driving routes.

Panorama player — A computer program for displaying spherical panoramas on website pages. The program allows displaying Yandex panoramas as well as the Licensor's own spherical panoramas.

Software (the Yandex.Maps API software) — The Software Package and Database.

Ways to use the Software Package and Database

The Licensor may use the Software in the following ways:

1.1. Form queries to the Database through the Software Package interface in order to get images from the Database for further display on the Licensor's own website or in an application and to be able to display their own data against the background of the specified Database image.

1.2. Make the Database publicly available only through the Software Package, including in closed systems that a limited number of people have access to.

1.3. Temporarily save (cache) for a maximum of 30 days the results of the Geocoder's response to requests (coordinates, address, object information) and the results of the Router's response to requests (routes between objects) on the Licensor's computer, solely for the purpose of improving the system's performance.

1.4. Use the Software Package for its functional purpose.

Responsibilities of the Licensor

When using the Software, the Licensor agrees to:

2.1. Use geocoding features for a website or web application. When using the panorama player or parts of the Yandex.Maps JavaScript API Software Package, the Licensor has the right to process the received data exclusively for displaying it using the Software Package.

2.2. Use the latest version of updates to the Software Package.

2.3. Use the last two versions of modern browsers to work with the Software Package.

2.4. Not delete, not change the order or sort, and not conceal or modify data obtained by using the Software Package, as well as any information contained in the Software Package or received data, including, but not limited to, advertising and informational materials, trademarks, logos, links or other references to the copyright holders, as well as any other notices and/or information transmitted by the Software Package with the data.

The Licensee does not have the right to save or store the results of the Geocoder's response to requests (coordinates, address, object information) and the results of the Router's response to requests (routes between objects) on the Licensee's computer, except for the case described in clause 1.3 above.

Note. The Software must be used in accordance with the terms of the Offer published at: https://yandex.ru/legal/maps_api_offer.