Specifies the "Polyline" type of geo object.

This tag indicates that a geo object is a polyline and contains a description of its points.

There are two ways to set the point coordinates of a polyline:

  1. Using multiple gml: pos tags.
  2. Using the gml: posList tag.

In the first case, the coordinates of each point are wrapped in a separategml: pos tag; in the second case, they are listed in a more compact way within one gml: posList tag.

Tip. It is recommended to use the gml: posList tag for describing a polyline with a large number of points.


gml:description, gml:metaDataProperty, gml:name, gml:pos, gml:posList

May be included in elements by substitutions:



Part of a YMapsML document that describes the coordinates of the ends of a line segment:

    <gml:pos>32.199411 58.601185</gml:pos>
    <gml:pos>32.189411 58.595185</gml:pos>