Specifies the "Linear ring" type of geo object.

This tag contains a description of the boundaries of a linear ring. Can be used to set the exterior and interior boundaries of polygons (see gml:Polygon).

A linear ring is a simple geometric shape bounded by four or more points connected by a series of segments. The coordinates of the ring's first and last points must be the same.

Tip. In most cases, a linear ring can be considered a closed polyline (see gml: LineString).

Points of the ring can be set using multiple gml: pos tags or the gml: posListtag.


gml:description, gml:metaDataProperty, gml:name, gml:pos, gml:posList

May be included in elements by substitutions:

gml:exterior, gml:interior, ymaps:GeoObject


Part of a YMapsML document that describes the exterior edge of a quadrilateral:

 <gml:posList>37.178027 55.486953 38.040535 55.486953 38.040535 56.018499 37.178027 56.018499 37.178027 55.486953</gml:posList>