Access tokens will not be accepted in URL parameters starting February 13, 2019. To continue working with the Yandex.Metrica API, set up authorization by passing the token in the HTTP header.

The outdated authorization method will be temporarily disabled on January 23, January 30, and February 6 for maintenance. Authorization using URL parameters will be unavailable on these dates.

MetricaNameDescriptionTypeFilter optionAppearance date
ym:s:bounceRateBounce rate

Percentage of sessions, during which at least one page view lasting less than 15 seconds took place.

ym:s:pageDepthPage depth

Number of pages viewed by users during visit.

ym:s:avgVisitDurationSecondsTime on site

Average session duration in minutes and seconds.

ym:s:visitsPerDaySessions per daydoublepresent2009-01-18
ym:s:visitsPerHourSessions per hourdoublepresent2009-01-18
ym:s:visitsPerMinuteSessions per minutedoublepresent2009-01-18
ym:s:robotPercentagePercentage of robots

Percentage of users who are suspected to be robots.