Access tokens will not be accepted in URL parameters starting February 13, 2019. To continue working with the Yandex.Metrica API, set up authorization by passing the token in the HTTP header.

The outdated authorization method will be temporarily disabled on January 23, January 30, and February 6 for maintenance. Authorization using URL parameters will be unavailable on these dates.

Metrica Name Description Type Filter option Appearance date
ym:s:goal<goal_id>conversionRate Conversion rate

Share of conversions in the total number of visits.

percents present 2010-06-22
ym:s:goal<goal_id>userConversionRate User conversion rate

Percentage of converted sessions among the total number of unique users.

percents present 2009-01-18
ym:s:goal<goal_id>users Converted users

Number of unique users that reached goals.

int present 2009-01-01
ym:s:goal<goal_id>visits Conversions

Number of converted sessions.

int present 2009-01-18
ym:s:goal<goal_id>reaches Goals reached

Total number of conversions in all targeted visits.

int present 2010-06-22
ym:s:goal<goal_id>reachesPerUser Conversions per user

Average number of conversions per unique converted user.

double present 2010-06-22
ym:s:goal<goal_id>revenue Revenue currency present 2010-06-22
ym:s:goal<goal_id><currency>revenue Revenue in currency currency present 2009-01-18