Access tokens will not be accepted in URL parameters starting February 13, 2019. To continue working with the Yandex.Metrica API, set up authorization by passing the token in the HTTP header.

The outdated authorization method will be temporarily disabled on January 23, January 30, and February 6 for maintenance. Authorization using URL parameters will be unavailable on these dates.

In order to ensure maximum availability of the service, Yandex.Metrica imposes limitations on the rate of API requests from users.

Two types of limitations are used simultaneously:

  • By IP — defines the maximum number of requests per second from a single IP address, which is 30.
  • By user_login — restricts the number of requests per day from the same user, which is 5000.

The rate of requests is calculated separately for each of the following groups of API methods:

  • ClientRead - reading parameters for a counter or a Yandex.Metrica user account. All methods in the Management API are assigned to this group.
  • ClientWrite - saving parameters for a counter or a Yandex.Metrica user account.
  • ReportRead - getting data from Yandex.Metrica reports. This group includes methods in the Reporting API, the report builder, and the API that is compatible with the Google Analytics Core Reporting API.

Exceeding quotas

If quotas are exceeded, all further actions by the user are temporarily blocked. The API returns a response with the HTTP status 403 Forbidden. The response body contains information about the type of quota exceeded.

When an IP quota is exceeded, the user is unblocked when the number of API requests in the last minute is less than 30.

When a user_login quota is exceeded, the user is unblocked automatically at midnight Moscow time.