Access tokens will not be accepted in URL parameters starting February 13, 2019. To continue working with the Yandex.Metrica API, set up authorization by passing the token in the HTTP header.

The outdated authorization method will be temporarily disabled on January 23, January 30, and February 6 for maintenance. Authorization using URL parameters will be unavailable on these dates.

ym:s:visitIDSession ID
ym:s:counterIDCounter number
ym:s:watchIDsHits that were in this session. Limit on number of hits - 500
ym:s:dateDate of visit
ym:s:dateTimeDate and time of visit
ym:s:dateTimeUTCunix timestamp first hit time
ym:s:isNewUserIs this the user's first visit
ym:s:startURLLanding page
ym:s:endURLExit page
ym:s:pageViewsPage depth (detailed)
ym:s:visitDurationTime on site (detailed)
ym:s:bounceBounce rate
ym:s:ipAddressIP address
ym:s:regionCountryCountry (ISO)
ym:s:regionCityCity (English name)
ym:s:regionCountryIDCountry ID
ym:s:regionCityIDCity ID
ym:s:paramsSession parameters. Single quotes are additionally escaped as \\u0027
ym:s:clientIDID of user on site
ym:s:networkTypeConnection type
ym:s:goalsIDID of goal conversions that occurred during this session
ym:s:goalsSerialNumberSerial numbers of goal conversion with specific ID
ym:s:goalsDateTimeConversion time of each goal
ym:s:goalsPriceGoal value
ym:s:goalsOrderOrders ID
ym:s:goalsCurrencyCurrency ID
ym:s:lastTrafficSourceTraffic source
ym:s:lastAdvEngineAd system
ym:s:lastReferalSourceReferral traffic
ym:s:lastSearchEngineRootSearch engine
ym:s:lastSearchEngineSearch engine (detailed)
ym:s:lastSocialNetworkSocial network
ym:s:lastSocialNetworkProfileSocial networks group
ym:s:lastDirectClickOrderYandex.Direct campaign
ym:s:lastDirectBannerGroupAd group
ym:s:lastDirectClickBannerYandex.Direct ad
ym:s:lastDirectClickOrderNameYandex.Direct ad campaign name
ym:s:lastClickBannerGroupNameAd group name
ym:s:lastDirectClickBannerNameYandex.Direct ad name
ym:s:lastDirectPhraseOrCondAd impression criteria
ym:s:lastDirectPlatformTypeSite type
ym:s:lastDirectConditionTypeType of ad impression criteria
ym:s:fromFrom tags
ym:s:UTMCampaignUTM Campaign
ym:s:UTMContentUTM Content
ym:s:UTMMediumUTM Medium
ym:s:UTMSourceUTM Source
ym:s:UTMTermUTM Term
ym:s:openstatAdOpenstat Ad
ym:s:openstatCampaignOpenstat Campaign
ym:s:openstatServiceOpenstat Service
ym:s:openstatSourceOpenstat Source
ym:s:hasGCLIDGCLID presence
ym:s:lastGCLIDGCLID of last visit
ym:s:firstGCLIDGCLID of first visit
ym:s:lastSignificantGCLIDGCLID of last significant visit
ym:s:browserLanguageBrowser language
ym:s:browserCountryBrowser country
ym:s:clientTimeZoneTime zone on user's computer
ym:s:deviceCategoryDevice type: 1 - desktop, 2 - mobile phones, 3 - tablets, 4 - TV
ym:s:mobilePhoneDevice manufacturer
ym:s:mobilePhoneModelDevice model
ym:s:operatingSystemRootOperating systems group
ym:s:operatingSystemOperating system (detailed)
ym:s:browserMajorVersionMajor version of browser
ym:s:browserMinorVersionMinor version of browser
ym:s:browserEngineBrowser engine
ym:s:browserEngineVersion1Major-version of browser engine
ym:s:browserEngineVersion2Minor-version of browser engine
ym:s:browserEngineVersion3Build-version of browser engine
ym:s:browserEngineVersion4Revision-version of browser engine
ym:s:javascriptEnabledJavaScript present
ym:s:flashMajorFlash major version number. 0 - if there is no Flash.
ym:s:flashMinorFlash minor version number
ym:s:screenFormatAspect ratio
ym:s:screenColorsColor depth
ym:s:screenOrientationScreen orientation
ym:s:screenWidthLogical width
ym:s:screenHeightLogical height
ym:s:physicalScreenWidthPhysical width
ym:s:physicalScreenHeightPhysical height
ym:s:windowClientWidthWindow width
ym:s:windowClientHeightWindow height
ym:s:purchaseIDPurchase ID
ym:s:purchaseDateTimePurchase date and time
ym:s:purchaseAffiliationStore or affiliate where transaction took place
ym:s:purchaseRevenueReceived income
ym:s:purchaseTaxSum of all taxes, connected with transaction
ym:s:purchaseShippingDelivery cost, connected with transaction
ym:s:purchaseCouponPromo code, associated with the whole purchase
ym:s:purchaseProductQuantityNumber of items in purchase
ym:s:productsPurchaseIDPurchase ID
ym:s:productsIDProduct ID
ym:s:productsNameItem name
ym:s:productsBrandManufacturer of item
ym:s:productsCategoryCategory which the item belongs to
ym:s:productsCategory1Category which the item belongs to, level 1
ym:s:productsCategory2Category which the item belongs to, level 2
ym:s:productsCategory3Category which the item belongs to, level 3
ym:s:productsCategory4Category which the item belongs to, level 4
ym:s:productsCategory5Category which the item belongs to, level 5
ym:s:productsVariantType of item
ym:s:productsPositionItem position in list
ym:s:productsPriceItem price
ym:s:productsCurrencyCurrency for item
ym:s:productsCouponPromo code, associated with item
ym:s:productsQuantityNumber of items
ym:s:impressionsURLURL of page with item
ym:s:impressionsDateTimeDate and time of page view
ym:s:impressionsProductIDID of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductNameName of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductBrandManufacturer of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductCategoryCategory which the viewed item belongs to
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory1Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 1
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory2Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 2
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory3Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 3
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory4Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 4
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory5Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 5
ym:s:impressionsProductVariantType of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductPricePrice of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductCurrencyCurrency for item
ym:s:impressionsProductCouponPromo code, associated with viewed item
ym:s:offlineCallTalkDurationCall duration (seconds)
ym:s:offlineCallHoldDurationTime on hold (seconds)
ym:s:offlineCallMissedIndicates a missed call
ym:s:offlineCallTagCustom tag
ym:s:offlineCallFirstTimeCallerIndicates a first-time call
ym:s:offlineCallURLURL the call was from (page, associated with an event)