Access tokens will not be accepted in URL parameters starting February 13, 2019. To continue working with the Yandex.Metrica API, set up authorization by passing the token in the HTTP header.

The outdated authorization method will be temporarily disabled on January 23, January 30, and February 6 for maintenance. Authorization using URL parameters will be unavailable on these dates.

Field Description
ym:s:visitID Session ID
ym:s:counterID Counter number
ym:s:watchIDs Hits that were in this session. Limit on number of hits - 500
ym:s:date Date of visit
ym:s:dateTime Date and time of visit
ym:s:dateTimeUTC unix timestamp first hit time
ym:s:isNewUser Is this the user's first visit
ym:s:startURL Landing page
ym:s:endURL Exit page
ym:s:pageViews Page depth (detailed)
ym:s:visitDuration Time on site (detailed)
ym:s:bounce Bounce rate
ym:s:ipAddress IP address
ym:s:regionCountry Country (ISO)
ym:s:regionCity City (English name)
ym:s:regionCountryID Country ID
ym:s:regionCityID City ID
ym:s:params Session parameters. Single quotes are additionally escaped as \\u0027
ym:s:clientID ID of user on site
ym:s:networkType Connection type
ym:s:goalsID ID of goal conversions that occurred during this session
ym:s:goalsSerialNumber Serial numbers of goal conversion with specific ID
ym:s:goalsDateTime Conversion time of each goal
ym:s:goalsPrice Goal value
ym:s:goalsOrder Orders ID
ym:s:goalsCurrency Currency ID
ym:s:lastTrafficSource Traffic source
ym:s:lastAdvEngine Ad system
ym:s:lastReferalSource Referral traffic
ym:s:lastSearchEngineRoot Search engine
ym:s:lastSearchEngine Search engine (detailed)
ym:s:lastSocialNetwork Social network
ym:s:lastSocialNetworkProfile Social networks group
ym:s:referer Referrer
ym:s:lastDirectClickOrder Yandex.Direct campaign
ym:s:lastDirectBannerGroup Ad group
ym:s:lastDirectClickBanner Yandex.Direct ad
ym:s:lastDirectClickOrderName Yandex.Direct ad campaign name
ym:s:lastClickBannerGroupName Ad group name
ym:s:lastDirectClickBannerName Yandex.Direct ad name
ym:s:lastDirectPhraseOrCond Ad impression criteria
ym:s:lastDirectPlatformType Site type
ym:s:lastDirectPlatform Site
ym:s:lastDirectConditionType Type of ad impression criteria
ym:s:lastCurrencyID Currency
ym:s:from From tags
ym:s:UTMCampaign UTM Campaign
ym:s:UTMContent UTM Content
ym:s:UTMMedium UTM Medium
ym:s:UTMSource UTM Source
ym:s:UTMTerm UTM Term
ym:s:openstatAd Openstat Ad
ym:s:openstatCampaign Openstat Campaign
ym:s:openstatService Openstat Service
ym:s:openstatSource Openstat Source
ym:s:hasGCLID GCLID presence
ym:s:lastGCLID GCLID of last visit
ym:s:firstGCLID GCLID of first visit
ym:s:lastSignificantGCLID GCLID of last significant visit
ym:s:browserLanguage Browser language
ym:s:browserCountry Browser country
ym:s:clientTimeZone Time zone on user's computer
ym:s:deviceCategory Device type: 1 - desktop, 2 - mobile phones, 3 - tablets, 4 - TV
ym:s:mobilePhone Device manufacturer
ym:s:mobilePhoneModel Device model
ym:s:operatingSystemRoot Operating systems group
ym:s:operatingSystem Operating system (detailed)
ym:s:browser Browser
ym:s:browserMajorVersion Major version of browser
ym:s:browserMinorVersion Minor version of browser
ym:s:browserEngine Browser engine
ym:s:browserEngineVersion1 Major-version of browser engine
ym:s:browserEngineVersion2 Minor-version of browser engine
ym:s:browserEngineVersion3 Build-version of browser engine
ym:s:browserEngineVersion4 Revision-version of browser engine
ym:s:cookieEnabled Cookie
ym:s:javascriptEnabled JavaScript present
ym:s:flashMajor Flash major version number. 0 - if there is no Flash.
ym:s:flashMinor Flash minor version number
ym:s:screenFormat Aspect ratio
ym:s:screenColors Color depth
ym:s:screenOrientation Screen orientation
ym:s:screenWidth Logical width
ym:s:screenHeight Logical height
ym:s:physicalScreenWidth Physical width
ym:s:physicalScreenHeight Physical height
ym:s:windowClientWidth Window width
ym:s:windowClientHeight Window height
ym:s:purchaseID Purchase ID
ym:s:purchaseDateTime Purchase date and time
ym:s:purchaseAffiliation Store or affiliate where transaction took place
ym:s:purchaseRevenue Received income
ym:s:purchaseTax Sum of all taxes, connected with transaction
ym:s:purchaseShipping Delivery cost, connected with transaction
ym:s:purchaseCoupon Promo code, associated with the whole purchase
ym:s:purchaseCurrency Currency
ym:s:purchaseProductQuantity Number of items in purchase
ym:s:productsPurchaseID Purchase ID
ym:s:productsID Product ID
ym:s:productsName Item name
ym:s:productsBrand Manufacturer of item
ym:s:productsCategory Category which the item belongs to
ym:s:productsCategory1 Category which the item belongs to, level 1
ym:s:productsCategory2 Category which the item belongs to, level 2
ym:s:productsCategory3 Category which the item belongs to, level 3
ym:s:productsCategory4 Category which the item belongs to, level 4
ym:s:productsCategory5 Category which the item belongs to, level 5
ym:s:productsVariant Type of item
ym:s:productsPosition Item position in list
ym:s:productsPrice Item price
ym:s:productsCurrency Currency for item
ym:s:productsCoupon Promo code, associated with item
ym:s:productsQuantity Number of items
ym:s:impressionsURL URL of page with item
ym:s:impressionsDateTime Date and time of page view
ym:s:impressionsProductID ID of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductName Name of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductBrand Manufacturer of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory Category which the viewed item belongs to
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory1 Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 1
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory2 Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 2
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory3 Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 3
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory4 Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 4
ym:s:impressionsProductCategory5 Category which the viewed item belongs to, level 5
ym:s:impressionsProductVariant Type of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductPrice Price of viewed item
ym:s:impressionsProductCurrency Currency for item
ym:s:impressionsProductCoupon Promo code, associated with viewed item
ym:s:offlineCallTalkDuration Call duration (seconds)
ym:s:offlineCallHoldDuration Time on hold (seconds)
ym:s:offlineCallMissed Indicates a missed call
ym:s:offlineCallTag Custom tag
ym:s:offlineCallFirstTimeCaller Indicates a first-time call
ym:s:offlineCallURL URL the call was from (page, associated with an event)