Enabling StartApp

  1. Supported ad formats
  2. Integration

Supported versions of libraries and platforms:


Minimum supported version: 2.160.

Maximum supported version: 3.0 (up to but not including).


Minimum supported version: 3.8.0.

Maximum supported version: 4.0.0 (up to but not including).


Minimum supported version: 4.6.0.

Maximum supported version: 4.6.1 (up to but not including).

Supported ad formats



Before getting started, the StartApp mediation network displays a pop-up window requesting the user's consent to show them personalized ads (for more information, see the StartApp network documentation). To hide the pop-up window, pass the user's consent using the setUserConsent method.

Add the following dependencies to the build.gradle file at the application level:
implementation 'com.yandex.android:mobileads:2.160'
implementation 'com.yandex.android:mobmetricalib:3.13.1'
implementation 'com.yandex.ads.mediation:mobileads-startapp:1.8.0'
implementation 'com.startapp:inapp-sdk:4.6.0'