Integrating the Mobile Ads SDK

To enable advertising, iOS 8 or later is required.

The Yandex Mobile Ads SDK library is adapted to the CocoaPods dependencies management system, and supports two integration methods: static and dynamic. To connect the library, add a dependency to the project's Podfile (see the example for the static framework):

pod 'YandexMobileAds', '2.13.2'

If the Podfile has the line use_frameworks!, we recommend using the dynamic framework.

If you don't use CocoaPods
  1. Add the AppMetrica library to the project. The minimum supported AppMetrica version is 3.2.0 or later (not including 4.0.0).
  2. Download the Yandex Mobile Ads library.
  3. Add the following dependencies: “SystemConfiguration”, “UIKit”, “Foundation”, “CoreTelephony”, “CoreLocation”, “CoreGraphics”, “AdSupport”, “z”, “sqlite3”, “Security”, “c++”, “StoreKit”, “xml2”, “WebKit” (with the Optional setting).
  4. Add -ObjC to Other Linker Flags.