Enabling the Facebook Audience Network

  1. Supported ad formats
  2. Integration

Supported versions of libraries and platforms:


Minimum supported version: 2.15.4.

Maximum supported version: 2.16.0 (up to but not including).


Minimum supported version: 5.9.0.

Maximum supported version: 5.10.0 (up to but not including).


Minimum supported version: 9.0.

Supported ad formats


To work with the Facebook Audience Network, enable the FacebookYandexMobileAdsAdapters library.

The FacebookYandexMobileAdsAdapters library has been adapted to work with the CocoaPods dependency management system and supports two integration methods: static and dynamic. Select the same integration method for the adapters that was used when connecting the YandexMobileAds SDK.

To connect the library, add the dependency to the project's Podfile:

pod 'FacebookYandexMobileAdsAdapters', '0.8.0'
If you don't use CocoaPods
  1. Connect the Facebook Audience Network SDK to the project.
  2. Download and add the Facebook adapter to the project.
  3. Make changes to the Build Settings file: in Framework Search Paths, add the path to the directory that contains the framework with the adapters.

FacebookYandexMobileAdsAdapters requires the use of mediaView for YMANativeAppInstallAdView and YMANativeContentAdView classes. The imageView property won't be used for displaying the main ad image.