1. Advertising requirements

The ad impression won't be registered if even one of the following conditions isn't met:

  1. The ad View, along with each of its superviews, must meet the following conditions:
    • The View must be visible.
    • The View must be non-transparent.
  2. All required assets must meet the following conditions:
    • The asset, as well as its superview, must be fully visible.
    • The asset must be completely inside the ad View.
    • The asset must be within the hierarchy of the ad View.
    • The asset must be non-transparent.
    • The content of the asset must be truthful.
  3. The app must be active (not running in the background).
  4. At a single point in time, a loaded ad can only be served in one View. Simultaneous display of a single ad in multiple Views may result in a lost impression.
Note. If all the conditions are met but the impression was not registered, there will be another attempt to register the impression later.

Restrictions on changing assets

  1. Don't edit the text content of assets.
  2. Don't edit the content of images.
  3. If you stretch an image, you must maintain the aspect ratio.
  4. Don't crop an image by more than 20%. Permitted: masking, container resizing.