YMAMobileAds Class Reference

Inherits from NSObject
Declared in YMAMobileAds.h


This class allows you to set general SDK settings.

  1. Methods
    1. + enableLogging
    2. + SDKVersion
    3. + setLocationTrackingEnabled:
    4. + enableVisibilityErrorIndicatorForDeviceType:
    5. + setUserConsent:


+ enableLogging

Enables logging. By default, logging is disabled.

+ (void)enableLogging

+ SDKVersion

Returns the SDK version in X.YY format.

+ (NSString *)SDKVersion

Return Value

The version of the SDK in X.YY format.

+ setLocationTrackingEnabled:

The SDK automatically collects location data if the user allowed the app to track the location. This option is enabled by default.

+ (void)setLocationTrackingEnabled:(BOOL)enabled



Enables or disables collecting location data.

+ enableVisibilityErrorIndicatorForDeviceType:

Enables/disables the incorrect integration indicator for native advertising. By default, the incorrect integration indicator (for native ads) is enabled for the YMADeviceTypeSimulator device type (the types are listed in YMADeviceType). To disable the indicator, pass the YMADeviceTypeNone value.

+ (void)enableVisibilityErrorIndicatorForDeviceType:(YMADeviceType)deviceType



The type of a device for displaying the incorrect integration indicator.


Note: The indicator is not displayed in apps installed from the AppStore, regardless of the deviceType parameter value.

+ setUserConsent:

Sets a value that indicates whether a user from the GDPR region permits the collection of personal data that will be used for analytics and ad targeting. User data will not be collected until data collection is permitted. If the user once permitted or prohibited data collection, this value must be passed each time the app is launched.

+ (void)setUserConsent:(BOOL)consent



Permits or prohibits data collection. By default, data is not collected.

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